Christmas limitka of the Yves Rocher “Liquid Apple”

Cristmas ideas

Hello dear readers of my review!

In this review I will tell you about the Christmas limited edition from Yves Rocher “Liquid Apple”.

The set includes hand cream, shower gel and liquid soap.

The set is decorated in a branded gift package.

Will tell you about each product in more detail.

Hand cream Yves Rocher “Pomme Rouge the Red Apple” Hand Cream filling Apple.

The hand cream is presented in a convenient tube

The packaging is very beautiful, bright with apples.

On the back of the packaging describes the product, method of application and composition

The composition of the cream is good

Negative components are present, but they are few.

On the cover there is a logo of Yves Rocher

Cover standard. It is quite reliable. Closes securely. The first autopsy is missing.

The cream is white in color. The texture is not dense. Nice. Well distributed in the skin.

Pleasant Apple smell. Not a chemical. The nose does not hit. I liked it. Remains on the skin, but the perfume is not interrupted. Cream good skin care. Moisturizes and nourishes. The effect of the film there. It is absorbed quickly.

Volume: 75 ml.

Country of origin: Russia under French control.

Price — 149 rubles.

Time of use: one month.

Cream I recommend and give it 5 stars!

Gel bath and shower Yves Rocher “Pomme Rouge the Red Apple” Bath & Shower Gel Liquid Apple.

Shower gel “Liquid Apple” in a small bottle

Decorated in the same style with cream and apples.

On the reverse side of a label-sticker in Russian. On it product description, method of application and composition.

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On the lid is also a logo of Yves Rocher

Cover does not have control of the first autopsy. Closes well. Does not leak.

Color gel red Apple. The texture is firm and thick. The foam is good.

The smell is not chemical, Apple. The gel is very pleasant smell. Cleanses the skin well. Dry after use does not appear.

Volume: 200 ml.

Country of origin: Russia under French control.

Price — 149 rubles.

Time of use: one month.

Shower gel I recommend and put a well-deserved 5 stars!

Liquid hand soap Yves Rocher “Pomme Rouge the Red Apple” Hand Soap Liquid Apple.

Liquid soap “Liquid Apple” in the standard bottle with dispenser

The bottle is decorated in the same style with cream and shower gel are all the same apples.

On the back there is a description of the product and method of application.

And of course the composition

In this case, the part I am not finding fault at all.

It’s nice that there is a limiter on the dispenser

And on the dispenser there is a function to close/open when turning

The color of the soap is the same as the shower gel.

The texture of the gel. The smell of the soap a bit stronger than the shower gel. The leather smell remains. This bottle lasts for a long time — six months, on average.

But there is one drawback. The tube from the pipette does not reach the bottom of the bottle.

So soap will be spent not completely. For that remove one star.

Volume: 190 ml.

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Country of origin: Russia under French control.

Price — 159 roubles.

Time of use: one month.

Liquid soap I recommend and is worth 4 stars!

In General, a Christmas limited edition I liked it. In a series of “Liquid Apple,” a very cute design. In all of the described product a pleasant Apple scent. All products are perfectly cope with their functions.

Year series “Liquid Apple” from Yves Rocher I would recommend and suggest to try!

Thank you for your attention!

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