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That you carry the Christmas Holidays? When we were young, we were immersed in Christmas miracles, Christmas decorations, interspersed with fragrant green pine needles, the sparkle of tinsel, the fragrance of tangerines, quite bowed down in the winter… Waiting for Santa Claus and hope for a miracle… as adults, we get used to the fact that the glitter and tinsel of the Christmas holidays as presents under the tree — the fruit of our Herculean efforts. We build your celebration, giving the magic our children, but unwittingly depriving themselves of a fairy tale.

But every year, in November, personally I’m starting to eagerly wait for New Year’s eve, because despite my pragmatism, still believe in the magic of the first white snow glitter Christmas street lights and pine breath tangerine celebration.

With the brand Jo Malone London I did have a fairly extensive collection of fragrances and candles, but really enjoy the atmosphere of a trademark in anticipation of the new year. The style of the boutique shelves of dark wood, gold Christmas ribbon on bottles, transparent bottles strict and abundance of the new year sets in special packaging cause worry and spend money)))
I received a sample of one of the Christmas kits of the brand, with products, which I never had before. Another from the Christmas collection I bought a brand new aroma, which later.

The set is Packed in a cute cardboard candy having filling of perfume gifts — inside I found Cologne Red Roses in miniature, the miniature body cream Lime Basil & Mandsrin and a small bottle of shower gel English Oak & Redcurrant. Will tell you more about them:

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Red Roses Cologne(I’d call it nominally, as in reality I still feel the perfume brands like toilet water) — one of the old-timers of the brand, with whom I was not previously familiar with, but with the great pleasure bought the eponymous oil in tiny glass bottles. From established in 2001, belongs to the group floral green. Collected composition Lucien Piquet and Patricia Bilodeau.

top notes: lemon and mint
middle notes: violet leaves and Bulgarian rose
base notes: beeswax

The official website says about the seven varieties of roses in the composition, plus crushed violet leaves and hints of lemon. Here’s what I like about this perfume house — English precision as sounds and language. It is a description of the official website clearly conveys the sound of the scent.
And it smells like this:

His Majesty Rose! Huge, red, velvet, fondant… And would be difficult, if not full natural. With notes of violets, which are not powdery, earthy and green song is reminiscent of fresh cut roses that still retain the flavors of the old English garden, wet and regularly uzreklama. Lemon shades as they do not exist, do not give compositions to slip into old-fashioned pamatnost. This fragrance of rose and nothing else. But lovers of rose scents will not remain indifferent. For those who are mono-roses in the composition, not much of a surprise: in the mix with any Cologne Jo Malone citrus or herbal oriented scent becomes incomparable floral chypre.

Stands incredibly — six hours not Danny smiled, puzzled. The maximum plume seen from hair, but the scent of the aroma noticeable at a distance.

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the cost of a 30 ml — 3900 rubles; 100 ml — 7600 roubles

Body cream Lime Basil & Mandarin — a gentle cream-lotion melts into the skin and wonderfully moisturises, leaving a delicate and very persistent aroma, it is absolutely friendly to any flavors except the Black Ford Orchid))
Aroma sharp, cimiano citrus, absolute, unisex, olfactory-neutral. I had it in full, was very economical and allowed to dress immediately after application as it was absorbed instantly. Creams of this brand in a hot climate I use instead of colognes they completely replaced them.

produced in volume 175 ml, the price of 4700 rubles.

Shower gel English Oak & Redcurrant is good, makes the morning a pleasure, however, quite expensive. Smells delicately and firmly at the time water disappears in an hour. The smell is pleasant — bright currant juice with the skin on a calm musky-woody base. Fully transparent, gives a rich foam.
250 ml is 2200 RUB This gel I was not pleased.

To summarize — once again, mark was pleased. With a huge perfume collection, if you spoiled the taste in perfumes, Jo Malonе I select from the list of other traditional brands like. Why? Pure English the precision of the compositions, a perfect balance, the lack of olfactory errors or vagaries in the fit — all is a rare commodity in perfumery. My wedding fragrance was bought from this brand, it stays with me for many years, but consistently beautiful and never changes. Some products come and go, yields to, but always remain pristine and delicate is appropriate always and everywhere.

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As for the new year — I especially like to buy the brand’s products in the new year holidays packs of mini candles, miniatures — tiny bubbles to 9 ml, which, however, enough for a month of use. Love the little glass bottles of oils, repeating the bestselling the fragrant collection. Their cost — 1500 rubles and I use drops in a body cream, hair conditioner… in addition, new flavors, festive Christmas this year — gingerbread and Lily of the valley and white moss. One of them I bought, couldn’t resist, and I’ll tell about it later)

Thanks for read all — Christmas gifts)

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