Christmas palette Clarins “The Essentials”: love or hate

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Today I want to talk about this is The Essentials from the brand Clarins.

Brand Clarins I love dearly. I use many products ranging from hand cream and ending with makeup. Most of the funds for the past several years, are my favorites. But this is The Essentials from the Christmas collection 2017-2018 G. left a mixed impression.

So, take a closer look with the palette. Let’s start with the fact that I only Packed in a protective mica. Without the boxes. Bought in large chain stores of cosmetics and parfyumeri. Don’t know that I’m so lucky, or brand, in principle, not packing the data samples in traditional red boxes. All information listed on the back. The shade is made in Italy.

Packaging looks cheap, however, the design is quite nice. Packaging is made from lacquered cardboard chocolate colour with a gold pattern in the form of flowers. But, I want to note that the cardboard is very durable. Almost a year of use, not torn, creases did not appear, only the gloss a little bit jammed. Closed by means of gum, which after a few usages is stretched and ceases to perform its main function — protection against unintentional opening. I’m not fussy, but is this level of the luxury segment? I think the latch-magnet would be more effective.

Inside is a small mirror, makeup brush and 10 soul school. Mirror too small, with painted with it will be uncomfortable. But for me it is not critical, because I don’t use mirrors made of palettes. The brush is double-sided,artificial cloth, comfortable enough, good gaining the shadows, the hairs do not fall out. Also, inside there is a plate-tip how to apply the shadows.

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Go directly to the shadows. In the palette 10 universal shades. They are quite beautiful, restrained, not flashy, and it means that is ideal both for day and for evening makeup.Shades have no names, just numbered.

This view best represents the look of shades

Returning to the theme about the quality of the packaging — as you can see, the first refil no. He crashed just because of flimsy rubber. In the beautician opened the lid and it suffered the first shade is my favorite.

Consider the shades.

  • 01- pearl, semi-transparent shade with a satin finish. Perfect for applying on the inner corner of the eye and bone.
  • 02 — pale pink, shimmering, translucent color. Soft, fits well on the eyelid. Has a delicate radiance.
  • 03 – matte beige. The application is straightforward, not dusty. Falls exactly, without any spaces. One of the most used shades.
  • 04 — a very beautiful, peachy pink with large sequins “pink gold”. But its drawback in the problematic application. The texture is quite dry. Color layering is necessary to achieve the shade that refile. Bad shade with other shades to mix refuses. Sequins fall off all the time. I tried to apply to the base, wet the brush, still showered sequins and gives a bad color. Maybe it’ll be good to go on base for glitter.
  • 05 — shade “coffee with milk”, shimmery, glitter dark purple color. The finish has a light purple-silver overflow. The texture is similar to the previous shade, but more soft and pliable.Special problems in applying this shade I do not feel. Perfectly fits on the base, the sequins do not fall off.
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  • 06 — shimmery beige shade. Overall, fits well, but the brush is typed is disgusting. Itself is quite dry but after a couple of uses from the top was like an oil. I can’t exactly explain what it is all about. In the end, if you want to use this shade, you have to “loosen”, i.e. podkovyrnut something. Sin that in the composition of shadows is oil. Perhaps that is why this shade behaves.
  • 07 – taupe, a little like olive, due to the fact that the present shade of purple-green fine glitter and large silver. Falls well applied too. No bald spots. It is better to apply with a wet brush or on base.
  • 08 –bronze roswinkel, shimmery shade. Has large Burgundy sequins and small silver.The texture is a little oily, but shimmer like separated from the base and showered. Application is similar to number 04.
  • 09 — frosted purple. Not dusty, not showered. Easily typed on a brush. A little plesivec, have a good shade. But, in General, claim to this shade no.
  • 10 — dark purple with silver and purple sequins. Very beautiful shade. Gently falls on the eyelid, easy to blend.Has a satin finish. Minus fall large sequins.

The makeup eye shadow looks good, if not pay attention to the fact that some fall shades of glitter. I still think that the base for the glitter will be applied and will cease to crumble. In General, rate yourself of the shadow in makeup.

The first option

Used the shades02 and 03. Usually, I wear makeup every day. Takes a little time, these shades of lipstick even fingers.

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The second option

Used shades 02, 09 and 10. Over the entire lid and inner corner 02, 09 crease shade and all mobile eyelid 10.

A third option

Shades 02, 04 and 08. As the base used the 02 shade. Here are two of the most capricious shade — 04 and 08. Visible large sequins that wherever possible. Even on the eyebrows. And this despite the fact that makeup only made. Worth it to walk around a little, and the whole face will be covered with sequins. Color, as we see, a light, translucent. Absolutely not the same as in refile. Applied to the base Nars.


— gamma
great matte shades
— durability — packaging
fall sequins
— poor pigmentation of some shades
— the ratio price-quality

I really like the shades, gamma. Also, shadows have good durability (shades 04 and 08 is not the case) and, most pleasant texture. But for luxury it’s just a failure of the shadow. Even in the mass market, you can choose the palette best quality, with the price several times smaller. By the way, about the price. She had The Essentials, not small — 3400 RUB. For the money it was possible to create a more quality product.

Weight: 10 soul school for 1.5 g.

Term of use: about 11 months.

Price: 3400 without discounts.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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