Christmas raschlenenie cosmetics. Part 1

Cristmas ideas

Hello! While during the Christmas holidays all of a sum up the past year, talk about their favorites and share ideas festive makeup, I thought, and what did I have? Unable to play favorites. Everything in the collection, I love every makeup is the flour of choice, I want to apply all at once!

So I decided to carry out regular cleaning of their cosmetic inventory and tell you about products that are unlikely to appear in my posts in the future.

Please, if you don’t like looking at someone else’s old junk and yuzaniya cases, read no further!

If you are interested to delve into other people’s purses like and prefabricated posts about everything you here, there’s a jumble of empty cans, disappointments and just the fact that for whatever reason is eliminated from the slender ranks of my cosmetics.

Here goes the old year. Let along he’ll take…

Really try it shorter, but how it goes 🙂 All cosmetics are more or less used, something ended, something I touched just a couple of times, something has gone wrong and flies in the trash, but something just came up and went to another host. For convenience have divided all funds into categories and split the post into 2 parts:

Base makeup

I usually put concealer on sunscreen, one of these Chanel UV Essentiel, wrote about it here. Finally finished it as a base under makeup, with this function the product works well: makes the skin a velvety, slightly extends the durability of makeup, tone with him are a little better, acne is not caused, smelled delicious. But I will not repeat: initially, it was interesting to me as protection from the sun and then he was dead, but with prolonged use my skin reacts to alcohol in the composition.

But Burberry Fresh Glow liked very much

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base – Nude Radiance No.01

One of the best illuminating makeup bases. Under heavy use a matte concealer, the effect of the living skin and glow from the inside.

Light texture, light pearly beige-pinkish undertone without explicit sequin and excessive brilliance. You can use as a base, mixing with the tone or point as a highlighter. 1-2 pumps is enough for applying all over face in a thin veil, tube of 30 ml will last a long time.

On the left, 2 pumps to the right — a little distributed

Moisturizes, does not clog pores and gives Foundation to fail in them during the day, extends the durability of makeup. May not like only a very oily skin, I advise others to look at, if you like a delicate effect. The tube remained on the bottom, I went on a similar base Becca Backlight Priming Filter, so get rid of the old man, but is likely to repeat in the future.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 2250 RUB. Rating: 10/10

Remedies for facial tone

There are as many as 5 products:

On the SS cream IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in shade Light did a separate post here.

In the review written that is dry. In any case, the tube remained 3 drops for the winter the skin become lighter and now the shade is too dark for me. In the future is unlikely to repeat, at least until the skin gets better. If you don’t have my problems, the cream is worthy of attention, just find your shade.

Moisturizing BB cream Shu Uemura Stage Performer BB Perfector Skin Smoothing Beauty Cream SPF 30 PA++

Taking on the summer 2 years ago, attracted sun protection and lightweight coverage. The line Stage Performer positioned the brand as “make-up secrets from the catwalks”.

Black slim plastic tube, the lid is unscrewed, the narrow nose gives the product a drop. Made in Japan. A volume of 30 ml. I Have shade beige

The texture is watery, but the distribution of drop shape keeps

Pigment much, the cream spreads easily and one drop is enough to cover a large area

The coating is thin and light, skin feels

The color was too light, I’m brightening the skin and gives the face a grayish hue. Perhaps like snow white. Smells of lemons, cucumbers and greens — the scent had to get used to. On the face it can be seen, this is not a second skin. The finish line alive, the skin a little matting. Film does not lie, does not dry and does not clog pores. But I stress all the peeling and wrinkles. Lying weightless and doesn’t feel skin at all, comfortable with him. Good durability, will sit on the skin all day, not swimming and not sinking, but will be stamped on the phone screen and the collars. Sun protection is good, but I was never able to make friends with him, it is necessary to take, if you’re doing all right with the skin.

I’ve been wanting to write about it a full post, but it deserves special attention.

New tube of corallidae

On the skin (problem, 2 years ago):

Unfortunately, to find sane “before” picture to compare, it failed 🙁 But peeling on the skin just was not visible before applying.

This cream is very individually all suggest to test it before purchase, many people like. He needed a good moisturizing base skin needs to be in more-less decent condition, it is better to apply with your hands or a sponge brush will poloziti.

My tube is still half a hand to it does not stretch at all, because every time I’m not sure of the outcome.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 3200 RUB. Rating: 4/10

A light moisturizing concealer Chantecaille Just Skin Anti-Smog Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Representative light moisturizing concealer took in the summer for daily use.

Soft tube style toothpaste, Unscrew the cap. A volume of 50 ml. Made in Japan. This format is very convenient to take on trips and carry with them in the bag.

My shade is Nude — was too dark for skin, but if you tan in the summer, then OK

The texture is close to the standard tone means a fairly dense but is easy, very economical. It is better to put hands

Fragrance no, if a long sniff, you can catch something delicate floral beauty, but the skin no longer feels like it

In fact no moisture. Under it definitely needs a moisturizer, otherwise it will go dry and will accentuate the peeling. Immediately after application, visible, takes time for shrinkage of about 10 minutes. Not oxidized. Gives a shining finish, the coating is very light, nothing serious will not block. Requires fixing with powder, otherwise it will migrate to the skin, to print, and, falling in folds, but by the end of the day, as if absorbed into the skin and ceases to be visible. With him it turns out its skin only better, with a slight blur effect, evens tone. Can clog the pores requires careful removal from the skin.

Took it with me on trips, helped out when you need is literally on the run to smear something on the face. Problem and oily skin is not necessary, very dry and need additional hydration. The tube is fully used and is unlikely to repeat the purchase, but despite all the nuances, I have not yet found, the skin become beautiful

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Use life: 2 years. Price: 5500 RUB. Rating: 6/10

Foundation Chantecaille Future Skin Oil Free Gel Foundation

This Foundation was planned for use in the winter time, because a more dense + attracted formula without oils, such as for oily skin is good.

Remember when something was popular creams in jars? This is very similar to Rimmel or Maybelline. Thick plastic under the glass and mirrored bottle cover which collects dust and fingerprints. Capacity — 30 oz. Small Bank easily fits in your palm. Made In Japan.

My first complaint — the packaging format. I’m not sure that is very hygienic to score the product with your fingers. Brush or sponge to dip in the jar is difficult, because it is small, and again — health. It remains to search for individual spatula, to carry on your hand or palette, and from there to dial. And still there is a risk to smear it all around and let the dust into the jar, eventually the inside will float hair and flies, and for the bezel to dry the remains. Yes, I have a thing about cleanliness. Perhaps the makeup artists work and play, but not me. I prefer pumps and don’t know what I was thinking when I was taking this cream.

My shade — Alabasteris quite light for my skin, but the line is even lighter

Formula whipped gel mousse is quite dense, but if you turn the jar, it will gradually drain out. It is better to apply with a sponge, because the brush will poloziti, and hands — lie down spots.

For applying all over the face need the amount the size of a pea.

The pigment spreads well on the face, covering secondary, may be layered

Very quietly will not lie, but the mask looks. The skin is not hard, lying weightless. Leaves skin sleek, adds radiance and finish is closer to satin.

The good: cares for the skin, not peeling stresses, lies uniformly


Alas, I was not able to find the same angles, but I hope so informative


In this state, the cream sits on the skin for about 4 hours, after which the carriage turns into a pumpkin and my skin is in turnips: tonal imprinted, and although moisturizing, begins to swim, falls into the pores and drags the powder and the rest caused dekorativku.

This is a very bad result for tone, usually on my person at all lasts much longer. Perhaps this Foundation will suit normal and dry skin, but oily and Combi — don’t look in his direction, face will be a mess.

I have periodically used this cream in the winter “out” when you need to get out of the house for 2-3 hours, but at half the banks I say goodbye to him.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 5500 RUB. Rating: 4/10

The concealer with a light coating Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation

Products Benefit are not my favorites, but when just got this Foundation and talked about it on every corner, I bought a sample cutaway gag.

In the Minko 6 ml. made in the USA. I liked that promises lightweight coverage and protects from solar radiation. My shade — 2 light

Tonal fibers, plastic dispenser it is necessary to shake before use. The cover collects fingerprints and dust. The dispenser is constantly leaking even when closed, the spout is always dirty, and if left for a few days in a horizontal position, at the junction of the tube and the cap going oily liquid, so that a high risk of stain all around in the purse.

The tone is sparse, but not in a hurry to leak. A bit similar in texture to ShU, about which wrote above. Touch dry — powder in a dry oil. The smell of gouache.

Easily distributed on the skin lies thin

Gives a visual glow, but skin smooth and like zapolirovat powder

Tone dry skin, peeling stresses and almost immediately after applying the drops to me in time. Sits on the skin 6 hours, then starts to slide. To tame it, but it’s not my story.

Term of use: 1 month. Price: 2300 RUB for Panoramico 30 ml miniature — 700 RUB. Rating: 4/10

And a little comparison:


❄ About Colourpop No Filter Concealer wrote here. Use the remnants as a substrate for the shade.

Concealer Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer

Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer Perfecting & Anti-Fatigue Concealer

The old man of my cosmetics, a tube of 15 ml is almost endless, for 2 years and haven’t been able to spend completely, but it is time to get rid of him, since all expiration dates have passed.

Perfect: unscented, lies thinly, all the covers, does not dry, does not emphasize the wrinkles, does not sink into creases and sits on the skin until the make-up remover. Suitable for application under the eyes and for spot correction. Matte effect, not highlights. In the winter used it solo in the summer for a lighter coverage mix with the liquid highlighter.

Only complaint — shade 02 medium I a little dark, before such problems was not, because sunbathed, now the skin is lighter and I frankly dark.

Someone will say: the formulas are very old, there are already newer and better. Perhaps, but until this concealer remains one of the best me tested. I will repeat, but in a lighter shade.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 2800 RUB. Rating: 9/10

Moisturizing illuminating concealer Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Concealer

This concealer has won the in choice, beating like Nars and Urban Decay to its lightness and moisture. It can be seen on my photos almost in all positions, e.g., here.

Classic tube with a sponge on a stick, he recruited quite a lot of product can be applied both to them and simply remove your finger/brush and carry on the skin. 5.1 grams of product is quite possible to finish in six months with constant use.

I have the shade Light and for the summer was good, but now it’s too dark, had to take brighter (in the line has 2 shades lighter)

The light, creamy formula, without perfume, lies thinly covers the medium, obvious bruises is beyond him, but every day-integralnogo makeup is quite good.

Does not dry, does not emphasize wrinkles. Can hide in the folds, so it is better to consolidate the powder. Creates the effect of skin radiance, illuminates the under eye area. For spot correction of imperfections not suitable. Sits on the skin all day without needing.

The tube remained quite a bit and I would have it repeated, if not found better EL BB Glow 🙂

Period of use: 6 months. Price: RUB 1995 Rating: 8/10

A little comparison of the three concealers:


Everything is simple: they are all dried up and fly in the trash.

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About Cle De Peau Mascara Integral wrote here.

Mascara to give volume to the lashes Stylist 18h Essence Volume Lash Extension Mascara

Pot-bellied bottle with a plastic lid. 12 ml of the product of six months of shelf life. Color — classic black. Odorless. Production country: Luxembourg.

Brush a thin, thickened in the middle. Limiter to cope. I really don’t stain. In the formula stated fiber, I didn’t see her. Adds volume, does not stick lashes without flaking, but I printed during the day and after 2 weeks, the magic ends: the formula dries up in the tube and begins to cause lumps.

A good mascara for its price segment, the overall effect is like, I would say the same thing every 2 weeks. Alas, there’s no photo, did not have time to do.

Term of use: 1 month. Price: 250 RUB. Rating: 6/10

Voluminous mascara Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

About this mascara, there are several posts on the., but that didn’t stop me from buying 🙂 Heavy metal bottle pink, a volume of 8 ml. Color — jet black. Unscented. Manufacture: Italy.

Brush — hourglass, I love such fluffy, although to use it you need to adjust. The formula is a little dry. If applied in zigzag motion, trying to paint over each lash from root along the entire length, get bonding, spider legs and covered in the eyelid. But if you just hold the brush a few times on the lashes from the bottom up, twisting slightly at the tip, you get a nice effect “your lashes only better.”

Not fray under the eye, but my problem is imprinting on the lower eyelid and there is not bypassed, by the end of the day I see gray stains under the eyes. The good: holds a curl and doesn’t dry in the tube. Hardly will repeat, though in General enjoyed with pleasure, I now have a similar effect mascara Marc Jacobs. But expectations were initially high because of the numerous positive reviews foreign bloggers.

Period of use: 6 months. Price: 1750 RUB Rating: 6/10

Mascara L’oreal Paris Extatic Paradise

Considered to be an analogue Too Faced Better Than Sex because of the shape of the brush (and packaging, which is already there). Packaging still lighter, a tube of plastic, and just cover the metal. The volume of 6.4 ml. Made in Italy. Color — black. Odorless.

Limiter trouble is, you have to clean off the remnants of the bottle before use. The rest — really almost a copy of the above Too Faced, the effect on the eyelashes similar but the main difference is that dries up in exactly 2 weeks, and then shedding and printing guaranteed. Will not repeat.

Period of use: 3 weeks. Price: 590 RUB. Rating: 4/10

Who cares, compare brushes:

Top to bottom: Essence, L’oreal and Too Faced

Tools for eyebrow

Transparent brow gel Brow Gel Colourpop Boss — loser of the year wrote about it here. There flashed the second mate — transparent brow gel Estee Lauder Brow Now Stay-In-Place Brow Gel. And it’s perfect: captures hairs at a predetermined position to make-up remover, not bathonium, eyebrows remain alive and not slick. The miniature brush is good for narrow eyebrows, not to make oneself dirty. The main problem — quickly comes to an end, another photo of a tube of the many. Now try Benefit Gimme Brow, but just know that I will return to EL. Almost all my posts with makeup with this gel.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 1400 RUB Rating: 10/10

Fondant for eyebrows Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in shade Medium Brown

4 grams in the washer with a screw cap. For six months, to use impossible, product much, pigmentation is high.

I have the shade Medium Brown — I think he is the perfect balance between brown and gray.

It is very cool to draw your new brows, but I had to get used to: one wrong move, and get Insta-brows. I like this effect eyebrows is not very much: see, it’s only good for photos or videos, in everyday life I prefer something more natural.

In the jar the color is more seryna skin reddishness visible. To the right is struck with a brush, left — restorefile

Fondant dries out quickly in the Bank, it’s all complaining, but I just podnimayu a cotton swab to clean the top layer and can be used on. Gaining the angled brush, clean off a greater amount of product on hand or the lid and a small strokes with no pressure draw the eyebrows, starting from the tip. In the end, the eyebrow makeup is time consuming and the result is unstable.

Here I tried, but …

In the end, I went back to pencils, sweet for me — too hard. But objectively, I understand why this sweet love and highly recommend if you have straight hands.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 1,500 rubles. Rating: 8/10


A long-lasting cream blush By Terry Hyaluronic Blush in shade 2. Blushberry

The blush tube similar to lip gloss. 15 ml of the product for 15 months of shelf life. Manufacture: France.

Texture Moscova, can exfoliate before applying you need to shake things up. The spout constantly leaking as soon as I took the lid off the situation in which neither keep.

Opened the lid, put taking pictures until the camera fokusirovkoi, so many have emerged.

Shade Blushberry — beige-berry with subtle cold-pink with shimmer

For use on cheeks enough small drops, what to do with all the rest that dripped out of the spout, think hard.

This quantity is enough for several individuals

Distributed easily, it is possible to feather in a light haze, and can be layered for intensity, but you need to work quickly — the cream solidifies in a few minutes. This time is enough for a feather, but if you missed drying, that is, the risk of getting spots.

A little distributed drop pasmurov another day, daylight, here seen cool pink shimmer

For example, I delayed photographing and when the feather turned out divorce, which is not to scrub

Not corrode blush tones, are thin, do not peel and do not film, do not clog the pores. The formula moisturizes the skin and is a nice bonus. But, on my skin the blush begin to fall into relief, emphasizing the pores. It looks like a berry stain with red spots of the pores and pink shimmer, which lies on the surface of the skin.

Left in the sun, right in the shade. Old photos on the phone.

Resistant, once dry sit on the skin like a stiff, they can even swim. Wash only hydrophilic oil.

Preparing a separate post about the blush, but didn’t write

Used them periodically when the subject was a minimum of makeup and wanted a quick and natural effect in the heat. But most of the time they have lain idle.

Period of use: 1.5 years. Price: $44 Rating: 7/10 Good product, I just with skin no luck


Military Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in shades of Smokin’ Whistles and Wisp

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Left — Smokin’ Whistles, right — Wisp

Ordered blind from the official website. Has been revised millions of comparative swatches, but these shades you should always look to the skin live.

The formula is similar to the shadow Colourpop: polychromasia textures, a bit to the touch, silk. If you press your finger is dented. Washers a little more shadow on the diameter. Weight 4,2 gr. Made in the USA.

Left — Smokin’ Whistles, right — Wisp

Perfectly pigmented, but applied to a finger, not each brush of their reach. The degree of intensity can be varied from translucent to visible from space. The texture didn’t highlight, but tosevite in the skin they are difficult, I always see a separate spot on the face.

Left — Smokin’ Whistles, right — Wisp

I just walked up the shades. Smokin’ Whistles were too bright with a pinkish tint and a Wisp of Golden bronze. Apply to eyelids as a shadow I did not like: too delicate turns, giving the new owners.

Period of use: 6 months. Price: Now $4.80 Was Rating: 8/10

Palette shimmers / highlighters Skin Tom Ford Illuminating Powder Duo in shade 01 Moodlight

One of the very first Satarov in my purse. Dearly loved and often Susan.

The top sector gives a light yellowish shimmer, bottom — wet bronze glare.

Polirovat easily into the skin, does not look foreign and do not emphasize texture. Do not use this palette at all, is a dead weight in the purse and go to a new host

Use life: 2 years. Price: $85 Rating: 8/10

Cream shadow in pencil

Pencil-eyeshadow – Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow

Once these pencils were the opening of the year. When the collection came out, I bought all shades.

Volume — 1.4 g. Made in Italy. All contain noticeable glitter. Glides on when applied, lies smooth, cold skin freeze for a minute and then sit like a stiff, no slipping and no dimming.

Shades from left to right: Moon River 07, Pink Lagoon 27, 17 Cool Gold, 37 Jade Shore, 47 Blue Bay, 57 Black Stream

When the first euphoria of the acquisition is over, pencils were abandoned, and in fact got it once a year.

Shades from left to right: Moon River 07, Pink Lagoon 27, 17 Cool Gold, 37 Jade Shore, 47 Blue Bay, 57 Black Stream

Mainly used solo, maybe now is a focus on mobile eyelid, and black — as a substrate for Smokey, but something tells me that they will continue to lie idle with me. Now available new shades in limited edition collections, but to buy them already there is no desire.

Use life: 2 years. Price: 1400 RUB Rating: 6/10

Little’s skin care

Butter passion fruit Tarte Maracuja Oil

Ended Minko 15 ml oil passion fruit Tart. Purple translucent glass bottle, cover with a button and the pipette. Inside: a mixture of passion fruit oil and tocopherol.

The oil is obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of the fruit. Made in Brazil.

Used for: moisturizing the face, cuticles, hair.

The oil itself is transparent, light, smells like sunflower oil. Apply and spread easily, absorbs quickly. Very similar in properties to the rosehip oil The Ordinary (I wrote about it here).

Caused a few kapellestraat-minute oil is absorbed

Initially, I saw no significant action, but over time I have evaluated: with regular use moisturizes and skin, and cuticle, and the hairs are slightly disciplinarum. Took this oil with me when I travel, closed their retinol. Managed to finish finish it in the allotted time and repeat. It is not a miracle, but if you do not get enough moisture from rosehip oil, look at this — it is also suitable for oily skin, light, does not clog pores and does not cause rashes, moisturizes a bit more.

Term of use: 1 year. Cost: 2950 rubles per 50 ml Rating: 8/10


Every month I choose some samples and otlivanty perfume of my many reserves and talk about the use of the.. You can read here: October and November. But among the collection there were also those that don’t suit my tastes and I don’t want to wear them. These fragrances can travel to please others:

Phaedon — Verveine Figuier

Fresh citrus wine glass, created in 2012 year by perfumer Pierre Guillaume. Consists of notes of: verbena, Fig leaf, Fig wood and musk. Unisex

Love the Pierre for the clarity of the compositions, love the brand Phaedon for a clean sound and nebanalnoe flavors. Verveine Figuier is a fresh green fragrance with notes of Fig. Piercing greens and creamy Fig, immediately after applying for fresh air, which are intertwined notes of juicy wet greenery and fruit-bearing trees of figs. In an hour it’s already pretty assertive flavor, which is gaining its strength and strangles. I’m sure fans of the figs in perfumes like. Trail average, durability is more than 8 hours. It will be good for the summer.

Price: 89 Euro per 100 ml EDT Rating: 4/10

Guerlain — Muguet 2014

Delicate floral-green fragrance, limitka 2014 year, initially created by perfumer Thierry Wasser. Produced with elegant white porcelain bottle cover. Unisex, but closer to the female.

Top notes: bergamot

Middle notes: Lily of the valley, Jasmine, rose, green notes

Base notes: musk

The delicate fresh scent of Lily of the valley, blossoming in wet ground. A little zamylivaetsya on the skin. Unfortunately, it is not changed during the entire period of the sound, the loop is short, and life in the Lily — 3 hours of power. I’m afraid that the fragrance shampoo, shower gel and fabric softener will be louder, but who likes such a gentle, quiet and unobtrusive scents in the perfume — don’t pass it by, it is beautiful and fragile as a rare flower.

Price: Limitka 125 ml at a concentration of EDT, are produced each year in collectable bottles this year cost 370 GBP Rating: 4/10

Profumum Roma Ninfea

Green floral fragrance released by the brand in 2010. Basic notes: California honeysuckle, rose, violet and grass.

Piercing aroma of wet juicy sweetish grass, sedge, mixed with powdery, soapy sound of violets. The aroma is a bit retro, “zhirnenky” thick. I wanted the freshness and lightness, but got stuffy humidity on a hot summer day the smell of sun-warmed stagnant pond, overgrown with grass and lilies. But for that you cannot blame this perfume for loop and resistance, is a worthy representative of the brand, which will sit on the skin all day and will delight not only you but others as well. Notes moisture and greenery — not my favorite perfume, can’t wear them. Great for spring-summer.

Price: 219 euros per bottle of 100ml EDP Rating: 5/10

This is half of what I removed from my beauticians, the second part will be a little later.

Should I tell next? How do you feel about such posts raschlenenie? What do you think of this post is worthy of rehabilitation?

And thanks for stopping by

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