Christmas Suqqu – Matte Lip Crayon 102 Sorabeni

Since I’m in the year 2015 met the brand Suqqu, it won’t let me. And let lately I’ve started skipping favorite palettes of shadows, a novelty I never get tired of trying. The brand is actively developing, producing in each collection more and more new products.

Such was the lipstick Matte Lip Crayon 102 Sorabeni, which was published in the framework of Christmas for UK. The brand was creamy lipsticks, translucent, even the glitter was released this spring. And here came the turn to take your piece of brushed niches.

Matte lipstick — matte case. Black with silver brand, not obliterated, and the stripes in the color of the tint.

The format of the lipstick — the usual cubic (Clinique set the tone)) ). The stick is tapered, rounded, but it is convenient to draw the contour of the lips, without resorting to the use of a pencil.

Color 102 Sorabeni is cherry. The right combination of Bordeaux and blue, without a care in plum.

Matte Lip Crayon 102 Sorabeni is not tightly a matte finish, and so, more lively. With a slight sheen. Uniformly gives a color of the first layer, immediately covering the native pigment. The loop holds up well. Moisturizing, very comfortable to wear. Can be applied even without using the balm before.

The color lasts a few hours, does not tarnish. Rather, the lipstick you can eat, but if not, he will stay until victory, and will wipe the lipstick almost intact.

Peeling does not emphasize, but as it allocates. There is lipstick lies slightly darker, richer. But, of course, under any matte lipstick it would be better to bring the lips back in order. Lips not stain. After the removal does not require a momentary balm.

On the lips — caused by the stick, without the pencil.

Just thought figured with all the Christmas collections, but no. There are still a few products that to me are not even there.

What can I say, I’m not all fall showed)))

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