Christmas with a set of nail Polish, A Winter Romance by Deborah Lippmann

Sweet couple, sparkling, frosty, and perfectly complement each other, it’s all about him β€” new mini set of polishes from Deborah Lippmann, accidentally caught my eye in the first week of December. “Winter romance”, what it is according to the famous brand?

In this set all about Christmas β€” starting with the title, passing to the packaging and the funny knick-knacks that adorn the bottles, and ending, of course, most colors.

To be honest, I really don’t even considered lucky β€” just saw the pretty packaging, well-known brand whose polishes I’ve been wanting to try, a discount (Oh yeah!), very winter color and took. Not thinking about whether I love you or is itself such a scheme, if I want to wear holografice and there are I such colors in principle (and here is the reason, it would be necessary to remember what not).

The set includes 2 mini nail Polish, with a volume of only 8 ml, versus the standard volume of 15 ml.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in shade Snowflake Kisses

To be honest, this shade is baffling to me his disagreement with the description of the colors from the official manufacturer as well as with the promo photo. Here is how it is described: “a pale pink shade with fine multi-colored shimmer”. Well, he’s not completely pink. It is transparent. In the bottle and on the nails especially, there is not an ounce of pink.

And here’s the promo photo:

Believe me, the photos convey a real shade, and with the eyes I have no problems. Bought lucky in the us Before, stood next to several sets, and among them was one that would nail at least a little pink.

Anyway, I was absolutely not essential, pink this color or not πŸ™„

Although the lacquer is not positioned as the top, for me it definitely is. Transparent, with a scattering of large and small sequins. It shines very nice and festive. The sun just burns. Falls thinly and evenly. Removed the nail Polish is very simple, doesn’t look like tops. With almost no effort.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in shade Moonglow

Iridescent light blue holographic with a barely noticeable pink tint. Very fine falls, 1 and even 2 layers, almost without color. So I’m not skimping struck from three layers.

This color was for me a very nostalgic πŸ˜… I still remember “his 2003”, when my classmates bought lucky like colors and painted them for a school disco. Holografika had just appeared, and it was something extraordinary, alluring and terribly inaccessible to us, the eighth-grade girls. The set up of the polishes were bought paints that have enveloped the brilliant haze and made brilliant and sparkling all around, our hair, faces, desks, and if boys were misbehaving at recess, and at the same time 😈 Ah, to be 13 again!

Well, winter couple nails:

In General, Moonglow turned out to be a kind greetings from the past. Remembering holografika their school years and realizing how far gone in his Limite 2018 Deborah Lippmann from those same trends, I came to the conclusion that is unlikely to paint them often, still very much holografika specific, not universal. But to have it in the collection, and occasionally to remind ourselves of the already very far-gone school days β€” why not? πŸ™‚

The photo in the post holographic Moonglow applied to all nails are 3 coats, the Polish Snowflake Kisses in 1 coat on the ring finger.

Among other things, the purchase reminded me that I absolutely do not go to these shades, making my cuticles red. The snow white is this couple, I think is very nice πŸ™‚

The durability of the varnishes is not bad, not fly around without a top 3 a day longer than I have not experimented.

Total: a very peculiar couple. Not without its retro charm, but it is unlikely I’m going to use it 1-2 times a year, the New Year. Recommend? Hard to say, this pair is a matter of taste. I think that these coatings are especially lovers of holografico and blue shades and, of course, the owners of white skin.

Term test: about 3 weeks

Price: 12 $ discount or about 800 rubles

Evaluation: subjectively β€” 4

Thank you all for the attention


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