Chupa Chups liquid sequins for eyes Chupa Chups Bling Bling Eyes

Naive packing with amazing content

When you look at these fun bottles smile and not expect anything sensible, make Swatch… and then realize how wrong I was.

4, 5 gram liquid eye shadow – sequins are in plastic packaging with a long cap. Shiny silver inscription is not erased, so that the presentation is not lost, and the packaging looks very nice.

Shade is offered by a sponge, for me it’s not the most convenient option, as it is difficult to control the application, but the finger or a small brush.

Shadeis in fact a scattering of sequins on a colorless basis. When exposed to light, you can distinguish the larger blue and green glitters that combine fine crumbs of yellowish-white sand. In fact look as cold as the snow in the cold. You can apply a thin coating to the sequins were relatively rare, and may be layered so as to switch.

And most importantly:

  • eyes keep for a long time, did my makeup in two days, at ten o’clock they were still eyes;
  • does not crumble, stick like a stiff, only touching them is not recommended, and all imprint. That’s amazing that they don’t fall down, if them not to touch;
  • not felt in centuries, spangle really smooth, light and weightless;
  • quickly dry eyes, it takes a few seconds, lowering his eyes, and all, then they will not be imprinted on the eyelids;
  • wash off easily, just don’t scratch the skin;

I don’t know, what else can you wish for from sparkles ))

Mono I don’t really like that because due to the lack of base sequins look a few Coco, but as a top they do any makeup!

no, it does not shed glitter, I did a finger Swatch and forgot about it, and then scratched his eyes

If you are looking for not very expensive glitter for celebration, I think it’s a great option! The sheen on the eyes, which are still in this persistent – classic option for the winter. So I think to buy more shades 🙂

Price: 670 R


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