Chupa Chups Velvet Lip Tint #Coral Chiffon

Korean care has a long and firmly entered our lives, but the makeup makes only tentative steps. Well, or at least a share of the Korean dekorativke personally, I have much lower than godovogo segment.

Funny and cute brand Chupa Chups has such a wide range of decorative products and I got a velvety lip tint in shade Coral Chiffon.


The product is presented in a cone-shaped transparent bottle through which you can see the color Tinta – warm red tint, velvety matte on the lips.

From Tinta curved elastic sponge, which is very convenient to distribute the hue on the lips.

Tint medium density and has a standard consistency for liquid matte lipsticks. The sponge has enough funds to fully paint over the upper/lower lip.

Soft red-orange matte tint in my opinion not quite coral, yet more than just a warm red.


Tint well and evenly applied to the lips, the pencil outline is not necessary. If you apply lipstick only with a sponge, you get a more dense coating, thinner coatings can be shade of tint on the lips with a brush.

Lipstick is not clogged in the folds of the lips, not going in the white stripes and not peeling stresses. The lips are not dry and is very comfortable on the lips. Additionally certainly not moisturizing, but at the same time any discomfort.


It will easily outlast a Cup of coffee and a little snack a bit dim. The pigment is very strong, but on the lips eats. Removed easily with an ordinary cloth. After lunch you will re-cover update.

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