Ciate Mini Nail Polish Paint Pot Moondust

Today I want to tell you about the lacquer, which itself is unlikely to be noticed. But gave it to me, and I am very glad that this happened because the Polish is wonderful.

Ciate Moondust is lacquer purple with a huge number of large multichrome shimmer, shimmering from Golden to greenish through blue. The varnish is very shiny. That’s very direct. Because of this, its a bit hard to photograph.

At first I thought that the varnish will be applied in three coats, but it was quite a pigmented, so had the two. Applied very easily. In the photo you see everything as it was immediately without any correction. Dries Polish quickly, even very. Top can be covered, but you can not voluntarily. I have a top, because the habit.

Since this lacquer fits the definition of “metallic”, I’m nothing special in terms of durability was not expected. In the end the manicure was pretty good about it the first two days, the third just broke away from one of the nail. The rest was fine. Was filmed, of course, hard, but not fatal. I did.

Price — 430 rubles

Rating is 5

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