Cirque colors coronation, my crowned goddess

I recently met with varnish, which dreamed long ago. For a long time our meeting for various reasons, could not take place. And I am very glad that it is now in my collection I have this asterisk. With the coronation, I think, all familiar, right? If you do not know, you have heard no doubt. No wonder, name me one Polish, which has done so much noise surrounding his person.

The first issue of the coronation set with a ring, in my opinion, was the most epic and gorgeous. I remember then wondering why everything is so heartbroken over this varnish, and even for 2000 rubles, but after a while, I opened it its charm. The coronation then won my heart, and I wanted to get her. Not so long ago was a re-release of the coronation, and the long-awaited restock circuses, where the coronation unfortunately I again did not get. I was lucky to find it in sale, recently.

Sorry to compare the old and new coronation I can’t, but new I liked it, despite the different appearance and the lack of sweet fragrance. And despite the many mixed reviews, I’ve never doubted her.

Let’s look at varnish, that in it I see. Nice and soft shade of violet, I have two in a dense layer, but lies easily, with a thin veil. 3 coats will look brighter. At TKH Polish I got is very thick, had to be diluted, but this has not changed at all. The jelly texture, medium dry. Its lustre is there, but the top layer I added.

Why is it so exclusive? All because of the pigment of the Aurora, which supposedly tight and limited, but can not give 100% authenticity of this information.

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Is a pigment like pixie dust, which gives light to this Polish. The sun coronation sparkles and shimmers like a star in the sky.

Price-900R (sale is more expensive)

rating is 5

Lastly, I would like to show you 50 shades of coronation:-)

So in the absence of this person, you could always replace it with something less difficult.

On the index of coronation on dance legend, on average, postscriptum, on the ring ilnp Ava and the little finger lacquester dragon heart. As you can see, the closest clone of this PostScript, Ava just like the pigment, the violet tint it darker. And lacquester just like mica, that shimmers and creates the effect pigment of Aurora.

And a little more travelok

From left to right, bow polish zodiac, coronation, polish bow in flames, Masura euphoria. Here they are all different) masura only more or less similar, and in flames pigment there, but it is not enough.

How do you feel about the coronation? Like so simitci?

Thank you all for watching:-) me on “you”

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