Clariant is working on the environmental security of funds for hair care

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Company Clariant will present its solution in the field of sustainable cosmetics for care of hair on the sustainable cosmetics Summit, which will take place on 5-7 November this year in Paris, France.

Katarzyna kita-Tokarczyk, development Manager global applications at Clariant, said the greatest harm to the environment cause certain cosmetic ingredients, so popular manufacturers. In particular, this applies to components in hair conditioners, and products containing silicone, which has a low Biodegradability.

However, many other components of the cosmetic hair products also pose a threat to water resources. According to Mrs Whales-Tokarczyk, in those regions that have effective waste treatment facilities, this problem is completely solved, however, without such installations, the pollution can have a huge negative impact.

The efficacy of the product remains the factor that stimulates consumers to spend money. And although in recent years, the creation of a more sustainable, environmentally friendly products in the field of hair care products becomes more popular, consumer spending on cosmetics is not yet reflect these trends.

Feature of cosmetics for hair care that its composition is quite difficult to do it more natural. For example, according to the Whales-Tokarczyk, failure culminated in an attempt to introduce the natural oils in the composition of the skin funds. Despite extensive biological profile of these ingredients, many of them did not provide expected benefits for consumers.

This is especially true in compositions of the shampoos. In order to maximize the use of natural oils or extracts in these products, gain the maximum benefit, it is necessary that consumers adopted a brand new sensory experience of the use of such funds.

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The same Katarzyna kita-Tokarczyk declares that in the future of the beauty industry’s most relevant are the following tendencies in the development of hair. These include water saving technologies and biodegradable ingredients, the use of which will be enhanced by further innovation in the magnet.

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