Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil #08 Blackberry

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Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil I’ve tried — I have two yellow miniatures, and I liked it. But the yellow looks like a clear gloss, and I like the colors (especially violet’s), so I bought the oil in the shade 08 Blackberry.

I honestly kept the box for your post to show the composition, but, apparently, just honestly threw it away for this time, so that the composition to be applied can’t.

Bottle plastic, cute, moderately scratchy. Over the last month and a half, it turned into a collection of scratches but if you look closely, the fading is, of course. And prints.

On the bottom there is a sticker with the shade number, but the range is small, be confused with, you can safely trebovat from the consultant “purple-almost-black”.

The oil has several issues. For example, the sponge and dispenser. The sponge is huge, soft, fluffy, thick, a shovel, and not too comfortable: lower lip I normally paint, but the top has to pant heavily, in order not to draw the second three millimeters higher.

And the sponge in cross-section oval and round spout. What we have in this regard? He pulled out with difficulty, because trying to shove nepromokaemoy. If you like to open glosses in the spirit of “razzudis shoulder razmahnis hand,” don’t leave the room, make no mistake, because the colored oil is all around, even future children, a washing machine must be near by.

The sponge is still oval, the spout is still round, so the strips on the edges of the sponge — space.

And at the end a huge drop, even if your shoulder was not swinging and sponge you dragged one millimeter per second. In General, as they say, be careful, because a drop from seeking to migrate.

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I really hate it, to be honest. Constantly need to remember to focus on process, pull the sponge slowly… Arrr!

Otherwise it is nothing to paint.) (Curved and concave sides respectively.)

Color the oil purple. Nice purple color with the pink, not the blue on the lips, of course, more pink than in the bottle, because at least the color of the lips, but still it looks more purple than purple less products. Without dirty brown and red in the composition.

The texture is non-sticky, even a bit slippery, no lip stick, hair releases from captivity with fun, bright stripes on the face does not spoil.

The smell reminds me of the baskets from shortcake dough with blueberries. He felt a little when applied, much in the bottle, and I don’t feel it to wear.

And now — tada! — flowing. Even swatches he’s acting like a little hooligan: immediately rushes in folds. If you have a raised lip… well, you get the idea.

And this is in the sun. See, Kiko is like honey (more pink), and oil lives his life.

On the lips when applied in a single layer, of course, this is not visible in reality and can be seen on the macro. The brighter the light, the way, the less visible.

And Yes, I have a slightly rough lips, you can see the dots. And bubbles can be, they are a handful in the bottle.

In two layers — “for lovers”.

Pros — does not leak outside the contour. Does not spread even in two layers, does not seek to spread out wrinkles on the lip contour. When such leaking from him, I was expecting it, and it would be a sentence.

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So, the glass on the lips they can’t do that because he too is falling asleep in the folds, and in one thin layer he outlines the relief lip.

Here it is an hour and a half. The color is still there, my lips are very bright.

I often see complaints about lack of care and then I sternly surprised for my lip butter caring and very significantly. If your lips are a branch of the Sahara, multiplied by the dry lumps, then the question is moot whether the oil to cure and handle. Maybe, but it would need a lot of time. Your lip balm I do not plan to replace, however I can’t deny the lack of care means that after 5-6 hours (activity, true) leaves lips in this condition. It is seen that they are hydrated and nourished, are still the means by which the lip is clearly good. A balm I didn’t use it, well, a week and a half.

I oil use often, actively, this is my universal tool, and I love him for:

  • lack of rastekanie;
  • skin care of the lips;
  • oil leaves a light and uniform tint as it absorbed, my lips are more pink. But this removes it without a trace; goes — also;
  • oil on the lips does not require any attention: no moss, no smears, doesn’t melt in the sun absorbed itself, the color remains uniform;
  • an excellent protective function for the summer. I first went to swim in the sea, and the salt corroded my lips to the wounds, of course, but home I was in a hurry to means for lips. Had this oil. After a couple of hours my lips are revived, and the next day the salt water and the sun broke through the oil on the lips;
  • color. It would be a little more intense, but it is violet all the same, and no dirty streaks. Besides, he could be even more transparent, so I can’t complain.
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No love for:

  • flowing that prevent me to make a uniform gloss on the lips;
  • application: great solution for the combination of the sponge and dispenser of various forms (thumbnails do not suffer from this, by the way); forced control efforts; observation of drop, attempt to paint with a shovel fluffy lips, which is not so small in themselves, but in comparison with the shovel felt exactly like that; the inability to apply oil on the run because of these features.

Me in the sunset the sun it looks pretty bright even with my bright lips. And terrible leaking unnoticed.

Price: 1850 rubles without discounts.

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