Clarins Stylo 4 Couleurs – four-color pen-eyeliner – summer 2018

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I continue to disassemble their purchases of this summer (summer was busy, so this process is very slow), and today it limitka from Clarins — pen-eyeliner and lips. Eyeliner I use well very rare, pencils — too infrequently (partly because I have drooping eyelids, and partly because of the hands), and neither to the best of my pencils haven’t used even a third, but by this handle, I could not pass. Clarins, as it turned out, not for the first time releases of liner in this format (and other manufacturers since I bought this pen, I’ve seen this format), but I’ve never encountered, and when in may I saw this pen, I thought it was terribly interesting (I was reminded of school and this pen that I was in the sixth class). Besides, I thought it ideal I in the number of product — I have four colors in one case in the amount, which has a chance to be used until the end. The liner in this pen quite a bit: 0.4 grams all together.

So, a four-color pen-ink All-in-one for eyes and lips from Clarins.

Handle was packaged in a red box, the color and style which probably is familiar to all who are faced with Clarins products.

On the back and on the sides of the product. The colors vary in composition, so the writing part goes almost the entire surface of the box.

Here are all the lineups together (sorry for the small font and the text direction):

Pen itself is plastic white with celadon and characteristic for the summer collection Clarins palm leaves, here they are pink. Under each button, and four of them, indicated, for which each liner. Here are some pink arrows indicating the direction of rotation of the body of the handle.

Inside the box the pen was a miniature manual to make sure it was all clear: the rods move the handle by clicking on the appropriate color, as expected, and the color of this rod unscrewed by turning the barrel of the pen in the direction of the arrows. All four colors can be used on the eyes, I lip is only one.

All the liner inside barrel of the pen are clear plastic rods, and initially did not look out of them at all. Example:

To make the liner, it is necessary to turn the white half shell of the handle in the direction of the arrows. The eyeliner inside of and the mechanism of grinding is not provided. Back to the rod, by the way, not twisted (glad I decided to check it out immediately, not after twisting the whole web:).

Extended studs in the housing of the handle don’t break.


In the handle of four colors: plum, Teal, black, crimson. Here they are all together (held once brand new rods and flat rib). It seems that eyeliner is terribly plesivec, but bald was the first strokes while the pen was painted on:)

But I’m on top again conducted each color:

Eyeliner all equally soft, saturated colors that will not melt and is not imprinted on the stationary century, resistance — up to make-up remover. Color scheme is great for summer makeup. Rinse micellar water is bad, oil and soap — good.

But because the rods look like after some use. The diameter of the rod is about half a millimeter.

Make-up (Teal for me was the most difficult — usually I have these colors don’t use. But in the summer why not?):




Red on the lips (as it turned out, I have no lipstick perfect color)W

I must say that the lip pencil is also great: it is easy to apply and it spreads.

Makeup completely:

Overall, I was satisfied with the purchase, great colors and perfect size of the product. (Plus — pleasant memories about how I was proud of my multi-color pen class in the fifth-sixth:) At the same time, trying to evaluate the product objectively: for those pencils and eyeliners to use it often enough product if only for a season (next summer, though, something new will come out). If overcome by curiosity, and twisted all at once, eyeliner, once it becomes unusable — it will break if ispolzovanii. Finally, a thin line is easy to draw the edge of the rod at first, but after some use it will be harder to do, because the sharpening rods are not provided.

Rating: 4

Price: $32

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