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8-color palette for an elegant natural makeup. As the manufacturer promises.

Love Clarins with all my soul, though not always smoothly. The shadows-the unity of the old issue I appreciated — I have a lot of them, and the palette is only one pigmentation it is so-so. This palette I picked up and it reminded me of something Dior five-color. Upon reflection on the shades, I took the palette for each day will not be superfluous, especially since it is quite small — only 0.7 g each color.

Palace really small (87*54*7 mm) in a cardboard box, white plastic with rounded edges and a pretty floral print. Inside there is a mirror in almost the whole cover, which is covered with film. I never took off. Open palette 180 degrees.

Very convenient small size — easy to take with you. Looking at the color, I thought, on the one hand, and want like raisins, but it is such a classic, that will be useful always and everywhere. Not the fact that I would take the palette of parrot colors, often and with pleasure for a long time it would rather play on a couple of times. But such a classic beige / brown will surely be convenient for travel/business trip, and just to wear. But there is still a chance to finish. In the end took and did not regret it, although not so smooth.

The light — the balcony of the St. Petersburg daily. The other day, the one I have started.

That pleased me and attracted — perfectly balanced color. 3 shimmery and 5 matte.

On swatches shades correspond to the position in the palette.

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  • Pale pink, almost skin color (in winter). Not dull-matte, contains a little reflective pigment. The eyelids are almost invisible, is as a base for other shadows more often. Pigmentation is medium-low.
  • Shimmery beige — use as a base for make-up of the two otinov — shade it a shade darker, and leave this on the inner half of the eye. You can own — it is visible, but dull.
  • Taup, again not dull and matte rather arbitrary-a matte, yet a certain amount of reflective particles in it. The most interesting shade in the palette in my opinion.
  • Brown with a Golden hue microchimerism — like and classic, but not flat. Wear with a bright shimmery and darker. One of the workers of shades, will definitely be one of the most commonly used.
  • Matte pale beige, almost milky. Use to mute the other colors and as a base for other colors. By itself, almost invisible, but ever softens and makes it more smooth visually. Without such a tone, dull at first glance, the palette is impossible.
  • Another shimmery shade — sort of pinkish taupe (lighter than the classic, but keeping the roots of their ancestors). You can solo, or stack with any others.
  • Matte brown cocoa classics of the genre and very useful in the household color. Wear paired with bright. Perfect for daytime work makeup. Pigmentation is not the strongest.
  • The darkest matte shade coffee or dark chocolate. Pigmentation is quite good for a matte. Important do not stretch, otherwise the dirt.
  • Himernye shades perfectly shaded and stretch, with Matt need a little longer to work. All are laminated with no problems. Shedding is not seen. With base shades work expected brighter. My pink base is Essential.

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    The same order as in the palette.

    Make-UPS only with her get quite normal, but if you want colors, you have something else to add. I deliberately took that I would definitely wear. Holiday-holiday on the eyes every day at work I don’t need.

    1) Used of the shades of 2,4,6. 2 in the inner corner, 4 in the center, dark on the outside century. Makeup timername shades.

    2) Shades of 1.3 with a simple matte makeup without makeup, just a Supplement to everyday mascara.

    3) Changed option added shades 5, 6, restorefile. Neither micron more noticeable the same makeup for day.

    4) Added area in the shade 8. Just slightly darkened. Added volume. Happened again discreet daytime make-up.

    All makeup is made without a base. Their durability — as with any compact of shadows on my eyelids — in the region of 3 hours. After a time they just quietly dissolve in oily centuries. Base eye makeup increases significantly — until you wash off, the brightness accordingly too.

    Someone will seem boring that even I will not argue. I took a mosaic for each day for daytime makeup and I am generally satisfied, although the pigmentation I would like a bit higher would be better — I would have won. I do not regret buying, will wear under my work, the palette came up.

    Cost: 16,3 euros.

    Use: 08.09.

    Volume: 8х0,7 gr.

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