Clarins V-Wrap’s Modeling Intensive Facial mask with drainage effect

Today will talk about the spontaneous purchase made under the influence of the 50% discount 😊 modeling the face mask with drainage effect Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap.

Up to the moment when placing the order, I looked into the section “Discounts”, on this mask I did not hear and did not read the reviews. However, the combination of the promised draining effect and the 50% discount wouldn’t let me go past this product.

The design of the product I really like. the Bank’s heavy glass, gold and granular matter how. Cover the plastic. The top is white, with the inscription Clarins. Inside the plastic protective membrane with the easy valve.

Included branded “spoon” 😊.

The texture is dense, holds its shape.

The texture is reminiscent of whipped cottage cheese. The fragrance is pleasant, cosmetic.

The skin is distributed easily, lies a dense layer.

The manufacturer promises the freshness, and immediate elimination of puffiness of the face. On the site additionally says that the mask provides a lifting effect, models the facial contours, gives the skin a healthy glow.

The mask should be warm in hands, apply in a thick layer on the lower half of the face, keep for 10 minutes, to make a draining massage (head tilts, while the cheek lies in the palm, the second hand holds the elbow), and wash. The video of this massage is on the site.

Since I’m a big fan of tea at night, the morning puffiness I am well known. I usually only fight with swelling under the eyes, but, as it turned out, there are means for other parts of the face, why not try to use integrated approach?

Immediately say, that my “tea” puffiness is usually held for a maximum of a couple of hours after lifting (time depends on the amount of alcohol consumed) and not much bothers me, but I relish the option of its immediate elimination, and a nice related bonuses (freshness, radiance, lifting).

The mask really does everything promised, but it is so subtle that an observer probably at all will not see the difference. The swelling is slightly reduced (maybe not because of the mask, but just 10 minutes getting smaller), and that the contouring 😊. Appear freshness and radiance. Most likely, this is due to the small cleansing mask that contains kaolin. By the way, the mask hardens. Not so much as a cleansing clay (the skin is not very beautiful), but for a more thorough rinsing prefer to use the sponge. Maybe the secret of the radiance and freshness even in mechanical exfoliation.

Tried to keep the mask 20 instead of the 10 minutes. I tried to use through the day. However, a more pronounced result is not seen.


Period of use: 3 months regular + 6 months sporadically

Price: 4300 rubles before deduction of discounts

Rating: 3

Conclusion: the Mask works but is not as effective as expected. Re-buy do not plan to. But it can be used as cleansing those girls for whom regular clay masks too aggressive.

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