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I love the YSL brand and the products have a good brand, but still there are a number of tools that I buy from year to year. For example, the concealer Touche Eclat

Well, I guess it is impossible not to allocate lipstick Rouge Pur Couture, which are periodically released in a beautiful limited edition boxes (sorry, that shades usually are the same), and I also have to once again confess his love for YSL polishes. Very unfortunate that over the last year we got so little of limitat.

Today I’d like to tell you about the nail Polish Mauve Alternatif, which was released in the autumn collection of the brand and has already become famous lipstick Rouge Pur Couture in shade 70

YSL La Laque Couture #108 Mauve Alternatif

In fact, the YSL brand likes to surprise. Especially in the part of their varnishes. There are beautiful colors in the tenure, there is matchless of limidi, even those that are remembered for a long time. But what nail Polish brand suddenly turned the mind of ecomaniacs, it’s certainly not about the LIS. There is more emphasis on the classic palette and the quality of the product. But still it is worth noting that the last couple of years there have been many unsuccessful varnishes with large shimmer.

As part of the autumn collection of 2018 came two of lacquer in purple tones, one of which is the hero of our post — Mauve Alternatif. Unfortunately, lucky does not arrive with the collection, although other products are all the same before we arrived. So I had to find a way to bring out more advanced in this respect countries.

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For the varnish and brush everything is standard, only time — brush my unevenly cut, and hairs sticking out, but not critical, such often happens. Not manual compile 🙂

Polish medium density and in the bottle is poured from ink blue to purple with red tints. Also in the bottle the smallest noticeable shimmer-dust.

Lacquer is easy to apply from the first layer, for the beautiful cover, you need two full coats of varnish, and still without a top it will look a little flat. Usually creams the LIS does not need to be adjusted, and with them there are problems with the application. There is still need to be very careful, as it is easier to repaint than to correct the error at the line of cuticle. Very much eats the pigment and stain the skin.

Two coats of varnish on the base has dried for 15-20 minutes, everything will depend on the thickness of the applied layers. Nail falls without bubbles and bare spots, resistance, the average is 2 full days, then rubbed at the tips, but does not splinter.

I very much wanted to purchase two of lacquer — 108 and the red of Christmas, the last of us also did not come, but still hope that early next year it will go into my collection. With the said handsome things are not so rosy in the end and expectations are not particularly justified. I thought it would look prettier on the nails, not just the inky blue. Well, that’s just Polish, what a lot. The shade I will always be in demand, but not to hunt 🙂

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YSL Rouge Pur Couture #70 Le Nu

One of the most popular and frequently reissued shades at brand — Nu Le #70 in this case I have represented in miniature, but also have limited the performance of Kiss&Love Edition in full version.

In addition to the size and shape of the stick miniature indistinguishable from its full-sized sister.

The lipstick is soft, glides on effortlessly. This shade does not need a pencil in a few. It is comfortable and fits well without him.

At first I thought the tint will just give gray something and lips can either be lost or not appear natural. But I was wrong. Apparently this color is really absolute Nude)

The lipstick does not flow, will survive a small snack and then leave a huge imprint on your favorite coffee Cup.

The shade is very comfortable and casual. Suitable for many of my simple office makeup.

70 shade gives a very thin coating and therefore is very demanding on the lips. Any peeling he will emphasize. But peeling is not the problem of lipstick, this is the problem of the owner of the lips. Can be applied to a base for lipsticks (I have Guerlain) and it’s a bit corrects the situation.

Good lipstick softens your lips, not dry them, but still in the cold season I prefer to put lipstick on the balm, because lips get dry and weather-beaten sorely just.

The only significant negative that I have this lipstick — it flows into the creases of the lips and nothing to do with it. But that’s if you have wrinkles these no %) Then cheers and much joy, in all other cases, it is a fact, but the hedgehog is not critical and is noticeable only on the macro.

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The lipstick doesn’t roll up to the white rim and not going in the corners of the lips. I’ve had bad luck with Nodame. But this shade has long been accustomed.

Shade is often chameleonic, sometimes looks a little more brown, sometimes clearly discerned pink notes. But without Rosolini Nude look putty, there is still sustained a good balance.

Your Nadya

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