Classics for the New Year. Fastest option with two pigments

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If you don’t have time to get ready to new year’s eve, then this option is for you. Well, if you time the car, then I think you will also be interested, in life anything can happen ????

For the eye makeup I needed:


-Glitter primer

Two pigment Tammy Tanuka: “Knowing Secret Paths” and limitka “Ice Crab”

-The eyeliner. I have Kat Von D “tattoo liner”.

-Ink, beams at will.

All the beauty will make the Ice Crab. Very beautiful Ciasca, blue, silver, and bronze shimmer on a brown base.

The light near the window, in daylight the shade is somewhat colder + I will use the Trail quite a warm undertone.

“Knowing Secret Paths”. Create the form using the brush barrel. Starting with the crease, otusanya to orbitals, then dim the internal and external area.

Next, I will need two brushes. Here we must act quickly, deliberately, but without delay.

Flat paint brush glitter primer, filling all the mobile eyelid. Then, without waiting for drying of the base, hammered movements, a dense eyeshadow brush, apply “Ice Crab”. For the borders certainly were not the steps, one can first apply a bit of pigment, and then enhance with glitter primer. If hand Packed, made no difference.

Back to the barrel. Shade “Knows Secret Paths” fill the entire lower eyelid. Carefully shade.

Draw a thin arrow, color, add bundles. The whole make-up + face took me about 30 minutes. In General, I think, fairly quickly. For each eye left to 7 minutes. The arrow can be removed, the beams, too, will be even faster this limitka looks good in any case, the main feather to ask to holistically looked.

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Despite the fact that shade is so radiant, bright lipstick I don’t think it is heavy and peremeshivaem, on the contrary.

Thank you for your attention, all happy and more time to everyone 🙂

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