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Wow, as soon as I saw miracle cloths Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet from the other girls, I immediately realized that I need them. But since this thought up to the time of purchase was about a year and a half. Not sweet, right?

In the end, ordered them this fall on the Internet and never regret it. Although I had not very pleasant emotions from use. about all the pros and cons will discuss later in the post.

By the way, the post will be macro photos then, many of them are not very pleasant, but informative! Well, let’s go!

Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet Ciracle is from a set of napkins (30 pieces in a jar), to cleanse from grease, dirt and comedones. Wipes impregnated with a special solution based on plant extracts, which effectively softens all the dirt and grease in pores.

As I reviewed the photos Before and After these wipes, I could not believe that this story is about softening the black dots really. But girls, this is really true!

Packaging: the Wipes are in a flat tin with a screw lid. Initially, the lid has a protective membrane, which I hardly tore. It prevents the air from entering inside and evaporation of the solution, which is generously impregnated wipes. Also, there is a special set of tweezers that need to get napkins. But to me it seemed very tight and uncomfortable. So I don’t use it, and use your eyebrow????

Wipes themselves are white, about 2.5 cm in diameter.

Usage: Before use it is necessary to clean the skin, you can even have a little steam to the pores as open. I use wipes after a bath or shower. Then, wipe the skin with a towel and put wipes, pre-cutting each of them in half. So they are better fit to inaccessible places, for example on the nose+spent economical.

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If I want to intensify the effect, you can swipe from the top to put the tape. This will allow the impregnation is slower to evaporate, and hence the impact on the pores to be effective.

The following photos may seem funny, but I can’t not????

So, with a napkin I sit for about 15 minutes. During this time, I don’t feel any discomfort, unless of course the skin I have no sores or “riskaware” from inflammation. Of course, film is easier, it securely holds the petals in place. And without it they are unable to depart a little from the skin, I get so on the nose and on the chin.

I have to warn you that these wipes can be overdone. For example, as has very sensitive skin, or you used hard peels to diapers, or well after the wipes I decided to use the scrub or a cleansing mask. I was, after wipes I decided to pay more and the skin, then the skin has reacted with inflammation and even peeling of the skin.

So, in this paragraph are those not very nice looking pictures!

After I removed the tissue, one can see how swollen pores, or rather all the dirt in them.

So I take a spoonful of UNO or apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning of the pores and gently passes over areas of skin where it was glued to the napkins. Once again, gently, without pressure, as after Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet pore very easily freed from their content.

This photo from fotoapparata, but then do nothi is not clear, you need macrophoto.I think you can see how the bulked up former black dots in the poresThat kind of stuff comes out of pores after applying the wipesWell and the result after simple cleaning then

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After we cleaned up the skin, do not forget to tighten the pores after cleansing and thoroughly moisturize the skin to relieve redness after ultrasonic cleaning/spoons, and UNO.

Once again, if you decide to combine several options for cleansing the pores, for example, use after a scrub or a mask film, you can get skin irritation, as it was to me. Therefore, only use these wipes and some of the devices in order to push the grease tube.

Here resultat shot on the camera after wipes

So, what is the result?

I use the wipes about once every three weeks since August.

I bought Ciracle Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet on the website of Korean cosmetics for 1200 rubles.

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