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I have oily skin, which with the onset of cold weather starts to act up. This is manifested in extensive redness, allergies, dermatitis, occurrence of flaking and feeling of tightness. Less frequently such reactions occur when using the new cosmetics, tonics with alcohol in the composition, well, after peels. In these times I completely stop using his usual care and move on pharmacy ointments/ creams, but the issue with the purification for a long time remained open. The skin on most of the gels react with patches and constantly peeling. When you go to special soap there was a lack of cleansing and the pores quickly get clogged. But cleaning can be, and most simple clay mask will cause swelling and the skin will turn red for three days. By selection I managed to find the funds that do well with the pores, it is absolutely not irritating the skin. And I want to share my find, if someone will be true.

Cleansing cream-gel EFFACLAR H for oily skin, dry as the result of medical treatment, LA ROCHE-POSAY

EFFACLAR gel has a physiological pH 5.5.
Gentle cleansing for the skin, retain moisture in the result of medical treatment or the use of desiccate means.
In addition to the calming effect contains chamomile extract (and cream EFFACLAR H), which helps to restore the protective function of the skin.

Does not contain:
— soap,
— alcohol,
— dyes.
— parabens.

For all skin types, including sensitive. In addition to the calming effect contains chamomile extract (and cream EFFACLAR H), which helps to restore the protective function of the skin.

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It is a white lightweight cream with a subtle scent of Lily of the valley, but not sure. Requires time for foaming in his hands, but in any case, the foam is weak. Cleans the skin gently. I wash with it all over the face, including the eye area. It absolutely does not dry the skin, contributes to its tightness. Washed off quickly, leaving a film on the skin. At the time of application did not find it tangible. Just the perfect tool which is able to maintain clean pores and not exacerbate skin sensitivity. Apply in the morning during the recovery period after a skin peel during acute dermatitis, irritations and allergies. Consumed the cream slowly, one application is enough for me amount recoverable one full press of the pump.

Price: 800 rubles for 200 ml.

Cleansing cream Uriage Lavante Nourishing and Cleansing Cream

The cream is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It will gently remove all dirt, cleanse the pores, withdraw toxins. The cream will calm the skin and give a wonderful feeling of freshness and generously moisturize to get rid of the drying out. The product will enrich the skin with nutrients and extract illipe, making it silky, elastic and soft as silk.

Universal cream – gel for cleansing face, body and head. I use it only for washing.
More gel than the above-described companion, white and with a pretty noticeable aroma of some plants. Foams profusely. Cleanses the skin well, but not up to scratch. I tried to use it in periods of calm skin, but its softness becomes apparent. If in times of drought it is very appropriate, at other times it will need to alternate with something stronger. The skin after it is fresh, clean, matte finish. Balances oily ointments and drugstore creams it removes completely. Apply it in the evening.
But still I feel cream LRP softer. However, both copes with the assigned duties and never let me down.

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Cost: 800 rubles for 200 ml ( I am very sorry that I did not immediately take bottle 500 ml)

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