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Hydrophilic oil fed up, I wanted something new in terms of purification. And I’ve gone back to Korea and to the brand The Saem.

The Saem Healing tea garden tea tree cleansing water — moisturizing Cleansing water extract of tea tree. Volume: 300 ml, made in Korea.

The brand has several such Vodice, or rather three: white tea, green tea, and my tea tree.

Water is suitable for cleansing all skin types, especially sensitive, dry, troubled and irritated skin. Tea tree oil, part, accelerates skin regeneration, prevents inflammation. Peppermint extract and Edelweiss refresh and tone the skin.

Design: the bottle is heavy plastic, sold in a protective film, there is a sticker with information in Russian. As such, the smell of the water there, if you smell, hear mint. The consistency of the water as the water is completely transparent, not viscous.

Water use eye make-up remover, face. She’s pretty good with newdetails makeup, does not irritate eyes, does not sting them. Removes not perfect, absolutely on the same level of cleansing with a micellar water Caudalie, Payot, Weleda, Sephora, Lancome. Only Garnier oil removes better, but it has its disadvantages, it leaves a nasty oily film.

After using water, I always wash the foam and get a completely clean skin. The product does not “wow”, but I am not disappointed in the purchase! Water cleans better than the expensive counterparts, not irritating, does not clog pores, it has no fragrance, and the price it is more than pleasant!

Rating: 4.

Price: 470 RUB.

Testing period: 2 months.

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