Clinique ID understands what you need for your skin

Hi girls 😉!

Would you like in your daily Arsenal to have a care tool that was created specifically for your skin type and cope effectively with the existing problems on the face?

Someone concerned with the first age-related skin changes, someone tortured rash, and someone is struggling with severe dry skin. The list can be endless.

Brand Clinique has released an innovative system for the face, which are aimed at solving your skin problems.

Create your own formula for skin care.

Simply choose from the 15 combinations the one that will suit your skin and see how the problem is solved from day to day giving excellent results!

It so happened that I was among the “pioneers” and feedback on the tool in the network yet, so I trusted the experience and quality of the brand and started to test this unique product.

Clinique system ID consists of two products:

a moisturizing basethat you pick the type of your skin (oily, dry, normal or combination). I chose ID Clinique – Dramatically Different oil-control +

cartridgethat is inserted into the database. I chose the cartridge is purple, which is aimed at combating age-related changes of the skin ID Clinique active cartridge concentrate (lines and wrinkles/ ridules and rides).

Cosmetic products are integrated into each other and the result is one ideal treatment designed to rid me of age-related skin changes.

* For proper selection of moisturizing the base and the cartridge need to determine the type and skin problem.

Before selecting funds, I answered questions concerning my skin. According to skin type, age and concerning me problems were selected a moisturizing base and the cartridge.

So, my skin belongs to type 3 – combination oily prone skin (T zone oily, cheeks skin normal, comfortable).

The cartridge with the active concentrate is chosen in the following way:

What skin problem bothers you the most at the moment?

· Enlarged pores and uneven texture (Blue concentrate)

· Uneven skin tone (White concentrate)

· Signs of fatigue and dullness of the skin (Orange concentrate)

· Wrinkles and loss of elasticity (Violet concentrate)

· Sensitive skin prone to redness (Green concentrate)

List of concentrates:

Active Concentrate Cartridge — Uneven Texture Active concentrate, tightens pores and smooths skin texture.

Active Concentrate Cartridge — Uneven Skin Tone Active concentrate, evens skin tone.

Active Cartridge Concentrate — Fatigue Active concentrate against the signs of fatigue on her face.

Active Cartridge Concentrate Lines and Wrinkles Active concentrate anti-wrinkle (My version).

Active Cartridge Concentrate is an Active concentrate Irritation, soothing the skin.


Initially, you must purchase two bottles and collect your vehicle.

The bottle base is made of durable plastic with twist-off lid. Consistency moisturizer skin thick, kind of reminiscent of soft vanilla ice cream. The aroma is faint, with no unnecessary fragrances and perfume additives.


The cartridge has a protective cap with manual. Equipped with a dispenser for ease of application. The consistency of the active concentrate liquid, sticky, is purple.


  • Concentrate is not recommended for use separately from the base!

Start integration?

Open base, remove the protective cap from the cartridge and insert it into the vial. It is quite simple.


To test the tool, beginning immediately after receiving the parcel, more than two weeks ago. Apply the product morning and evening before bedtime.

The tool is perfectly absorbed, leaves no stickiness, greasiness or film. Works extremely well with the tonal bases, ink does not clog the pores. Easy to apply and spread on the skin. Consistency means remains the same: light and delicate.

In the first days of use noticed that the skin felt as if denser, increased skin turgor. The cream moisturizes the skin, but it does not increase the sebaceous glands. Even after washing and masks, skin, the feeling is not in need of hydration. My T-zone has completely ceased to excite me, I even forgot what the bag left oil blotting sheets, which he always carried with him.

Noticed that with daily use the cream started to absorb into the skin, not as fast as in the first week. Now in the morning you need to wait about 10 minutes to let the cream fully absorb into the skin!

And now the most important factor that’s bothering me these past few years the wrinkles on his forehead!

Probably foolish to believe that they can completely smooth out. It can only help radical methods of cosmetology, but visually less steel, at least I thought so. By increasing skin elasticity, I’d like to believe that the new in the near future will not appear, and old ones will not deepen.

Despite the serums and meals, occasionally on the face is peeling, especially when the window is drastically changing weather conditions from +15 to -10. During testing of the cream, the impression that the skin is under constant protection from temperature changes outside. Peeling, moisturising and absolutely not bothered.

Database capacity: 115 ml

The volume of cartridge: 10 ml

Price: 39$ 2576 RUB.

Rating: 5

Girls, how do you this innovation, there are favorite cosmetic products of the brand clinique?

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