Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator

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Today my review is devoted to the novelty of spring last year brand Clinique — Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator.

I ask you to look at.

This cream is issued to replace Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, which personally, I occasionally bought and used with pleasure. Also I’ve been Moisturizing gel concentrate extra strength: Moisture Surgeis the one in the bottle with kapelkami, but I didn’t really fit due to the presence of these capsules, when applied, they seemed sharp and traumatized skin.

In General I want to note that the brand of the clinics I love places, I buy them periodically cream, always have in stock a lotion for removing makeup from the eyelids, they have a good decided to try and lip balms — they don’t grab the stars from the sky, but they are high quality. Well, recently the brand began to produce interesting new items, at least take their system with vitamins C and A.

So, Clinique Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator, 50 ml

Packaging the traditional brand of the Bank with silver lid in a green cardboard box, all quality.

Bank plastic between the cap and the same cream plastic membrane.

The cream gel texture and the pink hue.

If you compare it with the previous version, I personally no difference in terms of tactile sensations have not noticed, the only thing the old version has no smell at all, new something unobtrusive smell.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

The skin cream is applied easily and pleasantly, sliding over her, leaving a soft silky-velvety feeling. Well and quickly absorbed, but if you overdo it with the quantity, may become “cake” and leave behind a sticky film, plus there is a sense of greenhouse. To prevent this from happening, all over the face and neck three dots of the cream enough and it is better to massage lightly to drive, not just lightly smooth on face.

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I use this cream in the morning, it is cool smoothes skin texture, it perfectly fits cosmetics, tone and sticks to it.

My skin is dry and it is winter (we have a duck at all with some extremely cold weather) and I’m on tretinoin, accordingly, the skin suffers more and dry, and me with one this cream moisturizing for the whole day is not enough. I informed the older version bought it in the summer. But found out — I put it on top of the gel, which previously I wrote earlier here

That in tandem they are perfectly ripe — the skin feels comfortable the whole 12-hour day, never dry, not irritated, not itchy.

For all time of its use, and this is since November 25, no negative points were noted, the cream is perfect for my skin and that is also important for me, fit into my routine.


For a velvety application of course answer silicones, urea, aloe extracts, hyaluronic acid for hydration, Saccharomyces lysate, enzyme thermoactive protein also prevent transepidermal moisture loss, skin restoration, its recovery, betulin has a healing and calming effect, caffeine gives vitality.

In summary. The cream is suitable for all skin types, especially for normal and combination dry in the winter moisture with it one will not be enough. And this is a good basic cream, which is perfect under makeup. If there is some task of solving some problems, this instance is weak.

Volume: 50 ml

Price: about 1900 after rebate.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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