Co-washing process. What you need to know about fashion the technique of washing hair

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Invention by African American women to tame unruly hair are now women all over the world. What is co-washing process and to whom?

Supporters of the washing process to assure that this technique of washing hair will suit totally pleasure a woman, regardless of type, length and thickness of hair. Co-washing process is washing the hair without using shampoo. This is evidenced by the very name of the technique: co-washing is conditioner only washing. It is important that the composition of the air conditioner had silicones, but it is best to use a completely natural product.

Those who already use the co-washing process, note the improvement of hair appearance and gradual recovery. Of course, the co-washing process will not replace other treatments, but only complement them. With this wash out colored hair is less washed out pigments, sebaceous glands are less exposed to chemical cleaners. Hair after co-washing process easy to comb and easy to style.

But there are drawbacks. In particular, natural conditioners is quite difficult to efficiently wash hair. Especially if they are long and thick. Therefore the hair can look unwashed and dried remedy can cause itching and flake off like dandruff.

Co-washing process requires time – each procedure takes about 20 minutes. In addition, the first few treatments I can disappoint you with its effect, especially if you have previously used shampoos with silicones. Hair need a little to get used to the new method, to enable you to appreciate the effect.

The technique of the washing process fairly simple. Hair should be thoroughly wetted with water. It is best to stand under a warm shower for a few minutes. After you need to give some water to drain out. Conditioner applied to the roots and massage gently, and then along the entire length. When the tool is applied, we need 2-3 minutes to massage the scalp, and then thoroughly rinse the conditioner and dry the hair the way you used to.

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