Coffee will help women to preserve the beauty


It turned out that drinking coffee significantly reduces the risk of developing one of the most mysterious skin diseases.

Scientists from China have come to the conclusion, that lovers of coffee decreases the risk of developing rosacea. Their study showed that most often the disease develops in women who drink at least one Cup of coffee per month.

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease characterized by appearance of redness, flaking, swelling, inflammation, pustules, vasodilatation. The disease can be caused by any factor, and then effectively responding to therapy in its elimination, but in many cases the cause of the disease is unknown and rosacea is becoming very difficult to treat.

This disease almost never affects the General health, but can greatly damage the appearance – to disguise the many flaws with makeup almost impossible. Rosacea is most often diagnosed in women older than 30 years, but researchers are confident that the disease is not related to age, sex or skin color.

Chinese experts analyzed medical data on more than 80 thousand women, with the dynamics of change of their condition, habits and diet followed for a long time. The result was that women who love to drink coffee, the risk of developing rosacea is approximately 30% lower than those who do not drink this drink or does so very rarely.

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