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I don’t really like products of Organic Kitchen: the reviews of them not very good, and the products themselves… Usually it is body lotions or scrubs, Soaps, solid shampoos – one word, something that I rarely use in my routine or don’t use at all. But then they started to release one great new product after another. I chose two star product, but the cream took in the appendage. Let’s see how the bloggers responsible attitude to the tasks?

Organic Kitchen has released many collaborations with bloggers that now stand in the stores are divided into two parts: on the one hand, traditional cheap jars, with the other new products from bloggers for 250-350 rubles. The project involved different bloggers, famous and not so: Sergey Ostrikov, Olga Marquez, Sandra Istomina and others. Most of the names were unfamiliar to me, and even fewer people credible.

But there are two people, which I signed: this is Adele miftahova, the author of the channel Don’t Touch My Face in the telegram, and Mary Vorslav, which has long been a beauty editor Wonderzin’a. They wrote a lot about collaboration with the brand, and the reviews on products have been rather positive, so I decided to try it. And cream took in the appendage he had a nice smell.

A few General words about the packaging: it is clear that they are not very. It annoys me the effort necessary to close them. Yes and sticking your fingers in the products are not too nice, but for a spatula, I’m not disciplined. But these jars – brand for the brand, and STASH, we all have them suffer due to low prices.

Face cream Organic Kitchen Glass Skin from Masha Vorslav

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Let’s start with the, in my opinion, a curious product: Glass Skin from Masha Vorslav. Thick cream, the smell is somewhat reminiscent of gouache (here have already pointed this out in reviews and said it smells like a cheap preservative). It is applied easily, blended without problems, melts in the hands, not rolled.

Here is what the cream itself Mary: “I specifically requested that the cream was the least allergenic and comedogenic, so that it can be used on the eyelids (for example, if you want to make wet make). Well, to he fed, healed, watered and shone not so bold as two of his prototype. In my opinion, everything turned out, and the bonus was that this cream is the perfect highlighter and “mixer””.

The manufacturer offers 5 applications:

  • daily moisturizing face cream
  • lip balm
  • balm for cuticles
  • for dry areas of the face and body
  • highlighter for important lights. For the dilution is too pigmented tone of concealers, lipsticks.


I wasn’t trying to mix cream with different foods, because now rarely use the tonal resources, so used on the skin solo. On the face I will not show, it is now very poor, but the hand is clearly visible gloss and the effect of light “blur” that gives cream. It really adds Shine to the face, and I now use every day: the skin is with him looks more rested. It even helps me come to terms with the red spots, which I do on occasion cycle on the face of about a million.

The Shadow OfThe Sun

Effect of filler properties seem to me inadequate to the cream and in the evening I need to penalice to moisturize. But my skin is severely dehydrated: I think if you have normal, may be appropriate. As a balm for lips and cuticles really fit, but I have a lot of special tools, so the cream I almost do not use.

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One small negative that I don’t bother – cream stick. Get ready if you have long hair and its windy. And the feeling that this tackiness is retained for a few hours. But the Shine lasts too, and cosmetics from top fits well – I masked some spots with concealer NYX.

For 350 rubles, I think this cream is a cool toy, and I fell in love with this effect fresh faces.

Period of use: 2 weeks.

Price: 350 rubles.

Rating: 5!

Organic Kitchen Don’t Touch My Face Hydrophilic Balm

Second mate – my love is forever, hydrophilic balm from Adele. I have in the past was the experience with hydrophilic oils, and I can’t stand them: I think I came across are insufficiently hydrophilic, and slip away they did not want in any. Micellar water does not dissolve me half makeup, and use two tools for removing makeup (one for normal, second for the counter cosmetics) I don’t like. So wanted to try the hair mask – in addition, it is convenient to take to the road, and I travel constantly.


As written Adele, the composition was trying to make is universal — it includes jojoba, grapeseed, almond, sunflower with added essential oils of grapefruit and orange. This is a basic cheap oil, and someone, alas, they can clog the pores.

Medium consistency easy wax smells like citrus fruit (love) is easy to type. The main thing – not to climb into the jar with wet fingers: the balm will start to emulsify and does not work well. Hands from the heat of the balm melts, it turns into butter. Washed off no problem with water, but I sometimes after going through the washroom from CeraVe.

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Adele wrote that the balm is not created for removing eye makeup, but I at your own risk remove them all. And washes out perfectly!

Especially for you we decided to conduct an experiment. From left to right: Lime Crime lipstick, mascara Cabaret, shadow Essence, cream shadow 3ina (highly resistant), resistant gel pencil 3ina.

Apply the balm three:

Adding water:

Result. Left Stein from lipstick and a pair of sequin from the bronze cream eyeshadow. Me are satisfied with this result.

Jar quite economical, it will last five to six months. I like the balm insanely, and the price compared to a similar product from the “Clinics” – just fabulous. So definitely will repeat.

Period of use: 2 months.

Price: 250 rubles.

Rating: 5+++

And cute orange – hand cream Organic Kitchen “Baby-cloudberries”

Smells really slightly like the matte. The cream has a pleasant yellowish orange color, similar to ice cream. Soft texture, easy to apply and spread. Not sticky, smells good, smells good – I like the hands reaching for him. No miracle happens, normal hydration for the hands – but for 88 rubles, I did not expect much.


Period of use: 2 weeks.

Price: 88 roubles.

Rating: 5

I’m still eyeing the acid mask from Ostrikova, but until I have enough masks and so. Have you tried any products from Organic Kitchen line with bloggers? How can you tell – what we liked, what not?

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