Collection for strong women: the show Ulyana Sergeenko at Fashion Week in Paris

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This is my fiftieth post anniversary and I would like to dedicate it to one of the events of the Week of High Fashion in Paris. We will focus on the fashion show, which was presented in Paris by the famous Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

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Was held in Paris Fashion Week. In the framework of this event at the Paris theatre Marigny his collection presented designer Ulyana Sergeenko.

The show was memorable for the audience not only with interesting clothes, but the entourage. The designer created on the catwalk almost a fantastic atmosphere. This contributed to a short film with the views of Russian nature and scenery representing the Russian forest. No less interesting was the design of the invitations, who received the guests of the show. If it refers to imaginative novels about women warriors.

The invitation to the show

According to the designer when creating a collection and fashion show the inspiration for it was the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov “the Quiet don”.

In the collection of Ulyana Sergeenko tried to convey the power of the Russian female character. The basic idea was precisely the Russian character and strength, which can easily be seen in black skirts with a printed pattern, tiered dresses and dresses of silk taffeta, the aprons of beautiful Yelets lace belts with embossed and blouses with Krestetsky stitching.

Tiered skirt

The apron of Yelets lace

Special attention should be paid to shoes models, takes us back to men’s Cossack boots, and interesting hats.

The culmination of the show was the appearance on the podium of the popular Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova, demonstrated a mixed outfit with corset top, which, however, conveys the basic concept of the collection is dedicated to strong women.

Closed the show, a close friend of designer and world famous model Natalia Vodianova in a red satin dress with hand embroidery, which added a headdress, imitating Russian shawl.

Bright and unusual collection has not remained without attention of star guests, among which could be seen Yana Rudkovskaya and Renata Litvinova with her daughter.

What do you think about the collection of Ulyana Sergeenko?

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