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Know all about body scrubs, Collistar, but Talasso-scrub shampoo much less fans, although it deserves attention no less than his brother.

In my opinion, shampoo Talasso-scrub is almost a must because it not only cleanses the hair and scalp but also removes dead skin cells, much deeper and thoroughly cleanses hair, improves blood circulation (and therefore, improves hair growth), and the salt ensures the elimination of toxins.

Shampoo, scrub is in a jar with a volume of 250 ml, this format is quite convenient for such a product.


The texture of the scrub is a thick, viscous Sol. Easy to type, the right amount as if usepalette of the total weight. Salt is a big part of the scrub, and sticky base — this is the shampoo.

The fragrance of the scrub is simply amazing — light, refreshing, like the smell in the Hammam.

To wash with this shampoo, scrub will need 2-3 such portions. I take the right amount of scrub, and, pinching off a little, apply it on the scalp, massaging after each application. Someone convenient to apply such products at parting, to me it is more convenient to lift the hair and massaging distribute the scrub at the scalp. And I specifically try not to touch the length of the hair, so as not to overdry it. Shampoo gets on the entire length only when it is flushed. Upon contact with wet hair and scalp during the massage scrubbie particles are gradually dissolved, and the based — foams. Rinse the shampoo a little harder than usual, light shampoos.

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Information about the useful properties of this scrub:

And finally, about the effect of shampoo Talasso-scrub. I use it in two cases — if you have used styling products (I’m not talking so much about varnishes and foams, and more about, for example, powder for volume), or, if you feel that the scalp it is time to clean up bigger (I’m sure every woman who has ever used the face scrub, see what I mean :))) ).

This shampoo completely washes away all the dirt and styling products, it is after her that a feeling of purity to squeak, and something, at times more)) Immediately after the wash scrub, it is impossible to stick your fingers through the hair) in a few minutes (for me, they usually go for the balm/hair mask) this feeling is almost completely gone.

Hair after shampoo is unreal, clean and solid, but not dry.

I use this shampoo, scrub 1-2 times a month, in my opinion, this is enough to deep cleanse the hair and scalp and improve blood circulation.

I note that my hair is normal and I think that owners of dry hair, it will not work, but for oily hair — helps. I think it can also help to remove dandruff.

The key to using the shampoo-scrub — don’t overdo it and don’t overdry the scalp.

Price — 1000-1200 rubles in the period of discounts

Rating is 5

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