Colourpop Iluvsarahii 2 bundle

I love the sets – you can usually try several different shades and textures, and the price is better than buying individually. And often it happens that a lipstick I hadn’t bought it, but thanks to a set I had and liked 🙂

This is what attracted me to this set – it just so happened that Colorpop I’ve only tried satin and sticks, and then just Shine, and matte, and metallic.

All tools Packed in a cardboard box. Themselves tubes of transparent plastic. Design from the normal line differs only in Golden inscriptions and cap. By the way, the labels here are not yet erased, surprisingly. Only scratch)

Puff the same – brushed, beveled. Convenient for me. But somehow Couqette he felt more hairy 🙂 convenience is not affected.

Smell all the lipstick is not very nice – some plastic or paint, but the smell is not strong and is not felt during application or wear.

Atole, Couqette, Softii and Atole on top Softii

Ultra glossy lip #Atole

Shine is a deceiver. Just look at the photo from the office website and my Swatch. I know they have huge issues with the reliability of swatches and have not believed them, but how can you get from this gloss something raspalennoe?

photo from the office website

In the life of shade like me much more – it is a beautiful warm rose gold, in the sun it looks more red. For example, the macro of the lips I did in a very Sunny day and I think it is noticeable that Shine a little orange)

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The texture of the gloss is slightly sticky and medium thickness. Falls well, the outline is not flowing, but on macro you can see that he’s a little stiff to fold. For me it’s not critical, in life it is noticeable only if you consider yourself close to, and it can easily be smoothed by rubbing lips from each other. White stripes glitter is not slipping. The stickiness is there, but it is minimal.

Very fine shimmer, on the lips is not felt. To remove the glitter easily by cloth, while glitter is also erased, and will not spread in the face 🙂

Effect of filler properties, of course, not as powerful as from Buxom, but the gloss softens lips and after peeling less noticeable.

Resistance to the usual Shine. Printed on all, with tea and snacks somewhere 2-2.5 hours.

Despite the discrepancy Swatch, Shine I really like. I love rose gold, it has great TX and I think he’s very old) Although I would love to wear it in different time of year, the summer he was one of Chistopolsky in my purse.

Rating: 5.

Ultra metallic lip #Couqette

Gorgeous red metallic – I think it is in these shades of metallic finishes look the most cool.

The consistency of the lipstick cremo-Moscova, something like the SMLC from NYX, but it has a little more cream. By the way, it is Blendable and I immediately thought that it can be used as a substrate for dry shadows… anyway, I tried to feather it on hand and I liked the result 🙂

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A shimmer, like glitter on the lips is not felt.

TX for the good falls evenly, does not dry, does not fall down and does not spread. But there is a small drawback – the lipstick does not freeze completely matte and is a bit sticky. I am very calm, but I know many do not like the stickiness at all) Accordingly, the lipstick is a bit imprinted on all.

Durability good – before lunch lipstick very well-kept, then, of course, a large part is eaten. To overlaying it is normal, therefore, to correct not a problem.

Rating: 5.

Ultra matte lip #Softii

I know that matte lipsticks have Colorpop came out quite controversial – some look like clay and terribly dry, some excellent. My tint I’m satisfied, but has not been without drawbacks.

The texture is quite liquid, so the lipstick sticks with a thin layer. Fully hardens very quickly for 30-40 seconds.

The color on the website is described as a deep pink, well… rosevine with a large addition of brown 🙂

The finish is completely matte, with absolutely no stickiness. On the lips the lipstick I don’t feel that tightness there. It falls in folds, not crack, keep the outline, but plesivec. I think the unevenness of the pavement can be clearly seen on the macro photos. Because of this baldness contour looks not perfectly smooth, but in reality it is imperceptibly.

Dries the lips a little, but not critical. The peeling is easy.

Durability – excellent, lipstick only afraid of fatty food. On mugs and other things not printed, after lunch it can be neatly corrected. But layering should be very careful, if you go to the area with lipstick, the color is darker.

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Trouble-free make-up remover, I use a hydrophilic oil. Removed easily, Tinta leaves.

Rating: 4.

Price: $ 16.

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