Colourpop shadows in shades of time out, come and get it, sideline and sequin

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Colourpop shadows in their classic formula Super Shock Shadow I first tried it almost a year ago. They are so stuck with me for its incredible progenital texture, softness, pigmentation (my review on the 4 shades here), which I, of course, continued familiarity with them. This time my hands turned a shade of sequin in the same formula. And three odnushki Pressed Powder Shadow shades in: time out, come and get it, sideline. Today I’ll show you in makeup and all the details will tell.

Super Shock Shadow #Sequin

This formula is well known and loved. Soft as butter, gel, elastic. Easily transferred to the eyelid using your fingers. Become flustered without problems. And what a rich range of shades!

#Sequin — pink-copper shade with gold sparkles. At first contact with the times the shade is not tight, but it can be layered to achieve good coverage.

These shadows hanging in there even on a fat century.

Price: 350 RUB (5$)

My rating: 5

Pressed Powder Shadow #Time out

#Time out — not the best shade of pressed powder eyeshadow Colourpop. Its low pigmentation. On the eyelid it looks very modestly (though there are fans and there shadows).

As such, the shade on the eyelid, it does not. Only a slight hint of pink shell overflow.

Pressed Powder Shadow #Come and get it

In refile shades #Time out #Come and get it look almost identical. However the second is much more spectacular. Like everyone who still has a thing for rose gold.

The pigmentation is just perfect, like all other characteristics, including application, selection, resistance. For the photo I applied the tint with a damp cloth.

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This overflow is noticeable from afar! And three pink together:

#Time out #Come and get it, #Sequin

Pressed Powder Shadow #Sideline

And finally, something more interesting! Delicate green duochrome on a bronze base. Shimmers, shimmers and plays like a shell bug.

The makeover also involved the Nabla palette Soul Blooming. But the main role here Sideline, generously applied with a damp brush.

Price: 280 roubles (4$)

My rating: 4+

If you are not familiar with the Colourpop shadows, it’s time to fix it! They have awesome palettes, beautiful shade in white washers Super Shock Shadow and is very inexpensive, but worthy of odnushki. Choose shades (some can disappoint), but the majority of the Colourpop shadows definitely deserve attention.

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