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The range of matte lipsticks Soft Matte is probably one of the most popular and beloved. Her love for nice comfortable formula and a wide range of colors. Want to show you two lipstick brand Nyx — Soft Matte lip cream #Los Angeles, as well as metallic variant Metallic Soft Matte lip cream #Rome.

Sorry that my acquaintance with the cosmetics brand did not begin with these here babies, and with a terrible, in my opinion, a line of Lingerie (fans please do not throw sneakers, this is only my opinion:)).

Miniature lipsticks, each volume — 8 ml.

The lipsticks have a sweet scent not everyone will like it (for example, I don’t really like this smell), but once applied it is not noticeable.

The sponge is a small, very comfortable.


left Metallic Soft Matte lip cream #Rome, right Soft Matte lip cream #Los Angeles

Both colors I like, #Los Angeles I love to use every day.

Soft Matte lip cream #Los Angeles

Formula, really, insanely comfortable, but can’t call the lipstick is absolutely matte. In itself it is very reminiscent of my favourite satin lipstick from ColorPop. In any case, Soft Matte lip cream #Los Angeles very nice, looks like a gouache (Hello, linzheri) and not sushi lips. Such direct, lipstick souffle, I would say:))

In the photo the shade seems to be brighter than in life.

Metallic Soft Matte lip cream #Rome

Matte lipstick with a metallic finish — not really my thing to be honest, this trend went a little past me.

But I note that shade #Rome was surprisingly good. I would call it moderate, not as flashy as other lipsticks-metallics that I’ve tried.

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This lipstick I can safely recommend to those who really wants to try metallic, which can be easily worn every day.

The durability of these lipsticks are absolutely identical — before the first snack, and then have to correct. I don’t like too resistant formula, because of special problems do not see.

Overall impression:

Honestly, I am very sorry that I had not tried this line of lipsticks. Soft Matte — great budget range of lipsticks with a nice formula and a mousse texture. Problems with the application have not noticed, both lipstick perfectly applied and not Polsat.

Price: 550 rubles

Rating: 5

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