Compliment® Argan Oil Patches for the eye contour “Night food”

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Hi. Today I will share budget find among the products of the brand Compliment. I keep repeating some masks in a sachet, which makes this company and not long ago stumbled on the patches, which seemed to me good. After first use I bought another box. Her and photographed.

Just talk about the cons. Material patches are thin, it is easy to damage the nails. The blister is sealed so tightly that it is better to open it carefully on a clean cloth, in order not to lose the contents. Still, these patches are too slippery and slide. If you have the time and desire to lie — lie.

Usage: apply patches under eyes for 30 minutes, the remaining funds distributed Pat.

What I need from the media around the eyes? Extra moisturizing. I have dry skin and “what is the” building of the century. Wrinkles — not the consequences of a wrong lifestyle, they were in 16. The patches I use regularly, different, but nothing is smoothed and not smoothed never.

Clean skin.
I tried to apply the patches and the other side in the corner of his eye, still slides.
In about 30 minutes.

The effect of these pacta I liked more than others tools that I bought. Of course, it didn’t take Korean jars, but the blisters and Sasha take regularly. Compliment it visibly moisturizes the skin without burning and tingling, if you sravnivat it with what I’ve managed to try.

In the evening use eye cream do not. Moisture from the patches enough.

Once used the product in the morning, cream in case applied, no overload felt cosmetics was lying as usual.

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This was my first post to the community’s skin care. I hope it is written in understandable language.

Rating: 5-because of the material.

Price: 99 rubles.

Period of use: 2 weeks.

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