Concealer for change, which is not worse profkosmetikiza. Bell Secretale Lift Active Eye Concealer in shade 01

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Black Friday sales not gone past me. After placing the order in one online store has decided to surrender to take a super cheap concealer Polish brand Bell — Bell Secretale Lift Active Eye Concealer in shade 01.

Ordered it without high expectations, just for the sake of curiosity. Never take seriously to such cheap cosmetics. Generally, from my youth my mom taught me that cosmetics should be good and should not be cheap.Therefore, these stamps have never been interested in and didn’t use it although remember it from my youth. Let’s see what the result was.

The concealer is in a plastic tube with a Golden screw cap. On the tube adorn gold patterns and lettering. Looks cheap. The tube is small size. The volume of concealer — 6, 5 g Country of origin — Poland. This is information on the cover.

On the back there is information about the composition.

Despite the fact that I don’t have fair skin tone, I chose the 01 ( the lightest). A great neutral shade that has a pink undertone. The color is very light, therefore perfectly suitable for girls with fair skin.

Natural lightingand Artificial lighting.

The consistency of the concealer is nice and creamy. Not liquid and not thick. Medium density, not flow.

Apply using the applicator with soft bristles. Shade concealer can with a sponge, synthetic brush, or just hammer your finger. I restorefile sponge.

Natural lightingArtificial lighting.

Concealer glides on skin smoothly, it arrived. In addition, it is matte, without the effect of illumination. But most importantly, it does not roll, does not clog the pores and wrinkles, does not emphasize the wrinkles, does not accentuate flaky and dry skin under the eyes. This is what he got me. For daily makeup it’s a godsend.

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Now, as overlapping properties. The concealer has a thin coating, but it can be layering. It has good pigmentation. Light enough to wear, not noticeable. Great for areas under the eyes. Glance it looks fresh. But with big problems he can’t handle ( strong bruises, pimples, etc.). Ideal for small bruises every day. Has a very light coating.

Compare it with my faithful companion VG 9 (tone 049), which will hide anything. But I say at once that VG is heavy artillery, it is very dense.

I drew on her hand the two lines of cosmetic pencil.

Now caused concealers.

Artificial lightingNatural lighting

As we can see in Swatch Bell, coped worse. But Bell is practically not visible, in contrast to VG.

View them in action while performing makeup.

Photos without makeup PR esteystvenno lightingStruck the base and concealer.

Caused concealer under the eye.On the left eye struck Bell tone 01 and the right tone VG 049.

Natural light, Bell concealerNatural light concealer VGNatural lighting, Bell concealerNatural light concealer VGArtificial lighting

The image as a whole

Difference I did not see any, except that VG (2G.) is three times more expensive than Bell (6.5 g). And yet, Bell is significantly easier. It is very well adapts to skin color after a while and merges with it. But despite all the positive qualities, it is slightly oxidized and a little yellow. But just a little bit, on my skin it is generally unnoticed.

As for durability, it is kept on the face for 6 hours.

Thus, Bell is a lightweight concealer under the eye for small bruises. He can not cope with big problems. But it does not dry the skin, not hammered, not rolled. And most importantly, it has not caused any irritation to my sensitive eyes. Great dauber under eyes for daytime makeup.

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Price — 149 rubles with the discount.

Rating is 5.

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