Conference No. 5 — beauty bloggers yesterday and today


This conference is vital. What changes have occurred in the field of blogging in recent years? What makes a blogger? Who to trust? And that, in General, is going on here? We invite all who write (or just going) posts on the., Instagram, Telegram, personal blogs and other resources related cosmetics!

Twenty years ago, or how it all began

On 18 March 1999 in Runet began its work platform LiveJournal (Live Journal), and a new concept of blogger stepped in the nation. Since then, text format, personal records, he turned from short notes to long and transformed into a professional article, on the way taking the bread out of the paper editions. And who would have thought that a fun pastime would grow into one of the fastest growing industries, drawing in millions of people, ideas and tools.

Today it’s obvious that bloggers and opinion leaders have changed the world of beauty and cosmetics to recognition. In twenty years of existence, blogging has acquired a large number of unknown bright individuals that have not dreamed of the forests of the Amazon. The choice of platforms and tools for personal development has become huge. The beginner needs only to carefully Google to begin your journey. But most likely in the near future and that won’t be necessary, “blogger” will be embedded in every baby ????

. Appeared in 2009 as a closed community. Our authors were among the first pioneers who began to write about cosmetics in the format detailed reviews. In the old days mobile phones did not have cameras, news about collections, makeup was necessary to find the day with fire and beauty treatments was covered with darkness of obscurity and gold shimmer.

Luxury brands were not grieve, not knowing that soon they will have to fight for a place under the sun, “to rejuvenate” package and distribute products for testing. Korean cosmetics haven’t taken over the world. The main icon butyricum was Christine Mielke, which successfully tested a new term Temptalia. And even Kim Kardashian have not built up what she was to conquer the world. It was a great time ????

From love to hate and back

There was a time when bloggers were not taken seriously, but later took a closer look to their practical experience and expert opinion. Today, the Analytics company noted existing two parallel directions: on the one hand a huge growth in audiences among individual bloggers and the blind devotion of the fans, with another — loss of confidence to all bloggers in General. Anyway, the executives of the giant, whose history goes back several decades, I had to admit — revenue may depend on the views of girls-blogger.

Modern information occasions are full of broken stereotypes. Anna Wintour invites for the cover of American “Vouge” Kim Kardashian. For the production of cosmetics with the name instabuy the packaging of the plant suspends all current startups. Fashion blogger ahead in popularity the most reputable fashion publications. CEO and billionaire starts their own YouTube channel. Hashtags Instagram and Facebook bring down the career and hardened the fabric of society. Children before school become millionaires. Oh, brave new world!

That brought new rules to the consumer? First, intense competition has endowed us with abundance of goods. Beautiful profitable ideas in space beauty of the universe to fly so much that business with pleasure their copies. Is one brand to produce a good product, he was immediately cloned other brands. Waves of hype and artificial excitement periodically overwhelm consumers, causing with great zeal to make impulse purchases. Quick fashion and beauty provoke companies to reduce production time, reduce packaging, use trends faster and faster. All this leads to endless consumption without stopping.

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Not the most pleasant side of blogging is public openness, which always ends with the invasion of privacy. The larger the audience of the blogger, the denser the ranks of his haters. This often leads to mental disorders and self-esteem. Psychologists note that often the very opinion leaders who are considered icons of style and beauty, of the maximum notorious and depend entirely on the opinions of others. Endless, depression, anxiety and addiction, dozens of plastic surgeries, dissatisfaction with their own appearance, inability to build friendships and family relationships — these popular bloggers are paying the price for success.

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Earns blogger

The blogger in 2019 there is a huge amount of opportunities to turn your passion into income. For beginners the beauty of blogging community available where you can write cosmetic review. From social networking, these platforms have simple and convenient starting. . Was always considered the best launching pad. We have started many bloggers, makeup artists, estheticians who have their own successful projects, accounts and channels in social networks ❤

The advantage of Cosmeticly that we easily gain experience writing and creating pictures. Administrators although there are strict ☝ but help to understand the pressing questions of all the beginners. On. it is easy to attract first audience, to attract the attention of the representatives of the brands and get tangible money.

Social networks nowadays have also become convenient platforms to implement blogger’s ambitions. Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Snapchat and other platforms to help bring to life any author’s idea, however, for the development require a much greater investment of forces and means.

Stand out in a large flow of people and to interest the audience with each passing day it becomes harder. Investments in the promotion of blogs increase. But what income can be counted if the firm decided to connect his life with blogging? Look at the example of the fastest growing social networks.

The analysis considered the YouTube bloggers with the number of subscribers more than 1 million people. From left to right: place in the ranking of the 15 most expensive YouTube bloggers for the first quarter of 2018 (turquoise color), the cost of a YouTube post (yellow) place in the ranking of the richest bloggers in Russia (grey).

If the list of the most expensive bloggers the theme of beauty flickers periodically, it is in the Top 15 of the richest Russian YouTube bloggers only got one girl, Sasha Spielberg with an annual income of 19.8 million rubles., the rest of the positions consumed entertainment content. First place was assigned to the channel with the related technical innovations “Size” — the annual income of 82 million rubles According to the Russian independent analytical Agency rare advertising campaign without integration in social networks. According to various estimates, the market volume in 2018 is 5 to 7 billion rubles.

A single ranking of the highest paid YouTube bloggers 2018, according to Forbes almost completely been taken over by gamers, including prominent beauty star was lit only Geoffrey Star — number 5 in the ranking with an income of $18 million from YouTube channel. His cosmetic company last year sold products worth $100 million.

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The top line of the rating took seven-year-old Ryan and his channel “Ryan ToysReview”, earned for the year of $22 million on a review of toys and carefree pastime. Since the formation of the channel in 2015, he scored more than 17 million subscribers and 26 billion hits ????

Today, no one looks down on bloggers as it was 10-15 years ago. Although blogging still looks not the most time-consuming task, everyone who has achieved success in tourism — a profitable channel or account consumes all of your time and requires efforts of many people. For all that major bloggers seems like a nice lighthearted hobby, are large investments of money, time and effort, as well as production of a full cycle.

The dream of science fiction in the flesh — every person today are able to turn into an information channel.

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Representatives of the brands

It is worth noting that the cooperation between blogger and brand is not regulated in Russia, that from time to time creates a funny or controversial cases. The representative of a large company can claim in its Instagram that disgruntled bloggers are reselling cosmetics provided for testing. The popular blogger might catch on that he hadn’t even opened the bottle of product that praises.

In the USA and Europe big companies have started to make contracts to work with bloggers. The blogger has duties that cannot be ignored, and its audience honestly informed about it. In the English-speaking Instagram is good practice to notify the reader of the advertisement with the tag #ad. In Russia is analogous to the tag #is, but more often bloggers cost just a mention of the brand ????

Difficulties also arise with the products supplied for testing. Even at. this fact can be determined. The author could easily say that I bought a product for their money. In this case, the fraud remains on conscience of the author. Even a receipt is not a proof of purchase, as the author can buy the product yourself and the costs will be paid by the company.

Change the marketing policy of brands you could feel. Over the past five years the percentage of advertising and non-advertising content. does not change. Consistently 13-15% of all the posts written about the products provided for testing. Today, however, brands are more demanding of the time and volume of advertising, which happens wave of publications on the same product. This gives the impression of zusammensto. Often we have to turn to the brand to rectify the situation.

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Reasonable consumption

Meanwhile, behind the endless hype fast-fashion beauty lie the mountains of industrial garbage. Clothes that no one bought, taken out by trucks to the dumps. Plastic packaging creates Islands in oceans. Glitter and shimmer through the sewers and drains gets into the bodies of animals. On the beach is no surprise the film from sunscreen, which is spreading across the water. However, studies show that despite the overconsumption, the need for a reasonable approach to shopping there for young people.

Although to resist the aggressive marketing is not so easy, yesterday’s beauty-maniacs of different ages also thinking about a reasonable approach to use makeup. The. always popular are posts about spending makeup Project Pan. And although the essence of the event is to spend a large amount of makeup, the participants of this challenge on the Internet often begin a more deliberate shopping.

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Complete conference survey we want on the blogs on.. They were conceived as a platform for the best writers, where you can create publications with greater freedom, to have some privileges in the format of publications to advertise. But lately, the very definition of a blogger has lost its relevance as a privilege. Now the blogger calls himself, anyone who started to write about cosmetics. In addition has been seen repeatedly confusing to readers when searching posts on the site and in the blogs, labels and other technical stuff.

So we thought about changing the functionality of the blogs. The main goal is to bring together the content of blogs with publications Cosmeticly. It will be more convenient for readers and for our idea to provide some advanced features for authors. In the near future is planned expansion of communities that will also affect blogs. We invite authors who have blogs that tell what features are currently missing, and what I would like to add. And readers to Express opinions about the inconveniences of interaction with blogs, if any.

Downloadable survey….

Please give your opinion on all aspects of blogging in General and. in particular, which we touched on in the publication. Also invited the comments of all who want to discuss and compare the creation of posts on different resources. To discuss competitive platform on the topic of the conference today, too! ????

  • What are the pros and cons you see in the writing of publications. and other sites with reviews?
  • Are you actively using social networks and instant messengers for blogging?
  • What challenges are faced if a blog/vlog on Instagram, Telegram, YouTube or other social networks?
  • If left of the social networking sites/personal blogs, why?
  • You want to make blogging your profession or treat it as a hobby?
  • The most daring can voice their earnings on. and other resources ????

Thank you for your attention! ❤

We listen to you ????

The results of the survey: Bloggers are media? 49% Yes, bloggers have to answer for his words, as influence a large audience. 76 51% No, bloggers are not professionals, they broadcast a subjective opinion and nothing more. 80 poll Results: How do you describe your income from blogging? 14% Get more resources on reviews than on social media. 8 3% Main income from blogging is a social network/instant messenger/vlogs. 2 79% have never managed to get income more than for lunch in the restaurant. 46 3% of My income from blogging is similar to a salary or more. 2 poll Results: What do you think about biased advertising related? 22% the Cause of bias — the advertising requirements of brands. They pursue a commercial interest, that says it all. 30 15% is normal. To negotiate on reasonable terms is always possible, there are still governing rules for all. 21 63% the Majority of bloggers are ready to anything for the sake of earnings, the requirements of the brands here are not the main problem. 85 the results of the survey: Blogs on.: 35% Needed to be transformed because we now have the inconvenience. 37 23% Leave as is, everything is fine. 24 42% to come up with something new that was interesting to all. 44

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