Consumers no longer trust online celebrities in advertising

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British radio BBC Radio 4 conducted a poll that was supposed to show how consumers trust well-known people in advertising. As it turned out, 82% of respondents claim that for them it is difficult to determine whether to pay a celebrity for product promotion.

In poll have taken part more than 1000 people whose responses were analyzed by Savvy Marketing experts. It was found that 54% of buyers of beauty products from 18 to 34 years has purchased the product under the influence of advertising with celebrity.

The growth of social networking over the past decade has largely changed the marketing and advertising. A large part of this process was the formation of “social influencers”. Cosmetic brands spend millions on promoting their brands through influential people. They have moved from traditional advertising campaigns on TV and in magazines to Instagram and YouTube. Online celebrities placed on these sites, video tutorials, demonstrating how to apply makeup, and promoting products that use.

Jeffrey Star – one of the highest paid YouTube celebrity. According to estimates by Forbes magazine, he earned over 22 million dollars this year. Old joined YouTube in 2006, becoming the most popular person on MySpace. He began to publish make-up lessons and quickly became famous for its dramatic appearance. In 2014, Jeffrey launched his own cosmetics brand. He has more than 11 million subscribers on the YouTube channel and about 10 million in Instagram.

The beauty industry took ad more passionately than any other industry, and this has had a big impact on sales. L’oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics company, whose annual sales volume in the world amounts to $ 29.5 billion, spends half its marketing budget on social networks.

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Director of innovation of the company Lubomir Roche noted that L’oreal attracts influential people: “Sometimes we see powerful people as an extension of our marketing teams. Such persons are very creative. ROI is obviously a more serious problem, especially when you spend 42% of their marketing budget in digital format, so we monitor the entire sphere of all our initiatives, and the effectiveness of popular personalities are quite high.”

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