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Kline company, which is engaged in marketing research, has recently published its new report – Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities (“Beauty devices: global market analysis and perspectives), which States that sales of beauty devices is still strong worldwide, but the sales figures vary greatly from one region to another.

For example, in Asia sales fell almost 25%, and in 2017 the United States has managed to achieve sales growth, while growth in Europe is slowing. This partially contributes to the penetration of the market Asian manufacturers.

One of the latest trends in the market is not only what the device can do, but also how to personalize the application, taking advantage of mobile applications for such devices. Cosmetic devices that can be easily connected to mobile applications, are becoming more popular because they allow users to achieve more personalized care.

Some manufacturers are putting on the market of cosmetic devices with corresponding applications. In particular, Foreo has launched a smart device for cleansing facial skin, which works with Foreo For You, allowing you to personalize a skin care face.

“These apps allow today’s consumer to self-diagnose, to establish the chronology of procedures that provide step-by-step care. Because buyers are looking for brands that offer an individual methods of care, the brand with strong technical support, such as the Foreo and NuFace are able to meet these needs, because they provide such opportunities,” commented Karen Doskow, head of Kline’s consumer practice.

While purification procedures remain a major problem of skin care in the world, a significant increase in sales, more than 14%, demonstrates just Asia. In this region of the apparatus for purification are the largest and fastest growing category due to improved performance in China and South Korea, but in Japan sales of devices in this category decreased.

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Europe, unlike other markets, suffering from the influx of cheap Asian brands, which not only prevents the growth due to price competition, but also creates a negative reputation for all devices categories, as they do not meet the expectations of consumers.

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