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Inspired by the posts on the various boxes for storing cosmetics, I went out and bought these containers. Before that all my makeup had been dumped in a jumble in a drawer. Needless to say how much time was taken in the morning an urgent need to find lip gloss in a pile of comatose, and how much spoiled from this mood? Now my acquired back-breaking labor (C) odds and ends laid out in its place, always in sight and continues to delight his mistress.✌

Network of shops of home accessories Muji offers a huge selection of different lockers, cabinets, boxes, cases, purses, boxes and containers to store not only cosmetics, but any other small items.

From the beginning I was ready to box, but then saw it in the store, decided not to buy because it was very heavy, bulky and expensive. I don’t really like the idea with the transparent boxes I don’t like cosmetics in sight. Some of the boxes did not come in the sizes: too small or too narrow and high bays. Besides, I need all the compartments and drawers are firmly closed — this will keep cosmetics from the dust, which in Beijing so that wet cleaning of the premises required to be done every day. I don’t have a lot of makeup and want to be able to put all available as compact as possible.

In the end, I chose the simple system of containers, which are collected as a designer: tightly placed to each other, thanks to special recesses-grooves on the bottom of each container.

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Material container: 100% polypropylene. The containers are durable and easy to clean.

Dimensions: 150*220*86 mm (width*length*height)

Both sides have the holes hand in which containers can be moved or put on top of each other. Containers tightly connect with each other — the design is stable and not wobbly.

I bought three containers and one lid to cover them up from dust. Such containers are better suited for those who have a little cosmetics, as they do not provide the separators in the compartments, and it can be hard to find something in this bunch. I try not to collect a lot of makeup and I have long existed own the idea of separation and storage, so I just graded all cosmetics in three categories.

All for eye makeup:???? shadows, mosaic of shadows, mascara, pencils and eyeshadow base, gels for eyebrows, concealers.

All facial makeup:???? Foundation and BB creams, different powders and blush.

All lip:???? lip glosses, lipsticks, the formula and pencils for lips.

By the way, all my cosmetic makeup lip fit in one container, but for some palettes eyeshadow (Too Faced Chocolate placed in the container, but it takes up too much space that you can fill in the other shadows) and powders in jars the space is not enough — they still lie in my Desk drawer along with a pencil case brushes. I decided not to buy another container to shift back left. To be honest, even upset, that cosmetics became too much, and decided to stop buying it until I finish most of what is.

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The containers deep enough — they put a lot of makeup but if you put them one on one and move up to the wall, it is still a lot of room in the apartment is released. Unfortunately, through the holes for the handles all the same flies and dust, but a little, and cosmetics I plucked every day and wipe out of habit — so it’s not so bad.

The top can be put on the last container lid, which conveniently is also something to put or putting. I sometimes it is a box of cotton pads, and face creams.

Price per container: 30 yuan (about 284 RUB.)

The cover price: 25 yuan (about 237 RUB.)

Good news for those who want to save and not to carry their money to greedy Muji, in which even the cover is like a container.???? Exactly the same shape and size containers you can buy much cheaper in the shops like Miniso 10-15 yuan (about RUB 95-142). They are, however, not transparent, and colored, sometimes even with some labels, but the quality is same good.????

I hope that was helpful.


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