Continuing the fight against hair loss. Darsonval

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Finally continue the fight against hair loss. The topic is controversial, so do not hurry up to write this. Today I want to deal with the use of d’arsonval in solving this problem:

Background, as always:) I Met a very long time, long before he entered the free market. The fact that my grandmother worked in the physical therapy Department and of course from early childhood we were aware of the procedures and had the opportunity to imagine their “test”. In fact this opportunity we did not neglect. In my opinion this omission is that many physiotherapy clinics have closed, and already decided not to assign these procedures. The theme, of course, debatable, but I am convinced that the meaning of this is. So, Darsonval.

Darsonvalization is a method of physical therapy effects on the superficial tissues and mucous membranes of the human body pulsed high-frequency currents refers to obsolete section “electrotherapy”. It is named after the author, the French physiologist and physicist Arsene D ‘ arsonval…
2009 systematic review of the clinical efficacy of d’arsonvalization does not exist[3]

That’s what tells us the Wikipedia. Clinical confirmation of the effectiveness of the device is not this day. Only user experience. Nevertheless the apparatus is still in demand, it is worth considering. The first machine appeared in our family many years ago, when he was released to the market. And it’s not him in the photo. He had not survived. But! It is not out of order, just was lost during a move. Later it was acquired by this one. The name “Crown 2009” as it suggests to us that he is not so young. But it works fine to this day.

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In the kit it comes with 3 attachments for convenient use:

Is there a fundamental difference? No — only form. Stick for acupressure, hair comb and “puck” for the face. We must remember that home made devices is much less than the hospital, so harm even when point use are virtually eliminated. I confess, I was 4th, but left and can’t even remember what it was. Nozzle glass with metal tip, so it’s no surprise that they can be broken. I keep them in a box. The device weighs 450 grams, all with attachments. Runs from the power source (outlet).

The impact of high-frequency current is a form of physical therapy used in the treatment of many diseases. Among them:

-varicose veins,


-coronary artery disease

the initial stage of Raynaud’s disease,



-low back pain,





-dyskinesia of the stomach and intestines,



-otitis media,


and many others.

For myself, I can identify 3 of its application that have been confirmed empirically:

1.Hair loss

2.Skin rash

3.Improve sleep

And the most effective is the first application. Indeed Darsonval stimulates hair growth. But not one treatment. At least 10 procedures you’ll need to feel the effect. And it should be remembered that it enhances hair growth not only on the head, so if there is a predisposition to hair growth on the face, or at least such thoughts, from procedures on the face should be abandoned. I have such a thought is, that’s why I use it exclusively on the head. But my sister uses it for skin during the period of rashes and it helps, including accelerates resolution of post-acne spots. As for sleep — it’s a nice bonus to the procedure on the hair. Relaxing. The procedure lasts 15 minutes, 20 is the maximum, in the evening with a series) the better the movie, the more enjoyable it is)) the Device buzzes, a slight tingling sensation felt on the skin, no discomfort there. The skin should be clean and dry. It is important to remember that they do not need to comb. We vozdeistviem on the scalp, not the hair.

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The device has a number of contraindications, which should not be neglected, despite the fact that I haven’t heard a single bad event:

-pregnancy (regardless of duration)

-under 6 years

-benign and malignant neoplasms especially on the skin

-Allergy to exposure to electric current

-cardiovascular disease, primarily, arrhythmia, and heart failure


-mental disorders

-rosacea (nearly extending from the surface of the skin vessels)

-hirsutism (hair on face)

-severe hypertension

-violations of blood clotting

-high temperature




The best is a course of 10-20 sessions. You can do every day. I’m doing through the day. The effect begins to be visible not earlier than in 3-4 weeks on the hair. On the skin much faster.

Well, actually share their accomplishments:

Don’t look at the eyelashes, trained the girl to glue))

Note the halo of short hairs all over the head. Finally they started to grow. That feeling when you absolutely hate that your tail is not smooth)) the Result of this has been achieved for almost 2 months. I will not say that it worked most effectively. I can only assume. Just in case you celebrate whatever used in this unequal struggle. Well, it’s not the end, of course. I still have a couple of publications on this topic from what I used this time. I will write. And what will happen next, we’ll see.


Shea Butter

Burdock oil with pepper

It seems nothing is forgotten. Waiting for questions and indignation in the comments. And, of course, share your experiences, has anyone tried

Value: found over 2500 rubles on the Internet (how much cost my course, I do not remember)

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Use life: very long

Rating: 5

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