Contour and Strobe Lip Set from Huda Beauty


Oh, Huda, Huda! And how do you manage to produce world-famous products that are absolutely not excite my cosmetic wishlist? I have long wished to buy something from her range, but nothing, no-thing I’m not attracted to.

Therefore, the set Contour and Strobe Lip Set in the shade Trophy Wife & Shameless came to me purely because of the sport. And Insta-gobegi attracted, which is already there .

Let’s start with the above Insta-lips, which are the hard case that carries several products.

The case is metal, and, you know, decorated in a very even nothing! Though many find funny to keep on the shelf someone’s lips, I’m good. Beautiful) by the Way, I heard that many of them hide cotton sticks, disks and other consumables.

Inside the box hiding three products for lip makeup:

Lip Contour – lip pencil (1.2 g) in shade Trophy Wife.

Liquid Matte – liquid matte lipstick (2 ml) in shade Trophy Wife.

Lip Strobe – shining topper (1.9 ml) in the shade Shameless.

Each tool – a step that is identified by a number on the box. Please note that in the space where the pencil has a recess, so you can reach it without problems. A trifle, but nice. Lipstick and gloss in such recesses does not need them and so very easy to extract. But, nevertheless, all the products are sitting in their grooves fairly tightly and not fall out of them when not necessary.

Only wrought products (artificial lighting+flash)


Well, I can not pay attention to the fact that pencils and lipsticks that are suitable to each other, have the same name. In terms of online shopping, it can be very useful. (Again, nice, we think)))

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And now a few words on my lips:

No particular problems (besides asymmetry) that I do not know – no selutina, no chapping or dryness.

Now let’s talk about the products themselves.

We begin, as recommended by the manufacturer, with a pencil. It is not automatic and needs sharpening. The color was a little unexpected for me… Judging by the color of the lips and case colored butt on the pencil, I expected something pink, but got a pretty dark Burgundy color. Hmmm…

When you try to apply the pencil to the lips, beginning to get frustrated even more. He’s very dry and straight pulls the skin. Apply this pencil (especially on all lips) was really painful!


Artificial + flash

Decided to see how will he behave on his lips solo got uneven coverage with dark and light spots and the incredible Sahara on the lips. I feel that if the smallest selutina, this companion will definitely accentuate.

Okay, maybe the lipstick is from the second paragraph of the application will help us.


Open and immediately put the two limiter – lipstick not only puff, but everything else.

Lipstick was quite liquid and very well applied to the base of the pencil was gliding across it. In fairness, I note – it does not merit pencil, lipstick and without it very easily falls on the lips.

Only caused

Emphasizes the relief of the lips, but I won’t say that it looks like something ugly. On the contrary, the lips look lively and pretty even with a dark lipstick.

After 2 minutes. Lipstick is clearly behaves better than a pencil!

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Lips dries, but not critical – in any case, behaves better than a pencil. Although it freezes, it still feels on the lips a little sticky.

Lipstick immediately became weird in the center of the lips

I can’t call this lipstick the most durable in my collection — tea stand, after lunch it had to be correct.

Finally move on to something I don’t usually use, but plays very nicely in a package to the twinkle toes))

Topper is a substance, composed of brown sequins with splashes of pink, gold and purple, which disappear in the daylight.

With flash there is at least a hint of sequins

On the lips and I see only wet overflow, as from a transparent gloss. Plus this topper is it does not remove the lipstick, but makes the socks more comfortable. However, the lipstick with it becomes less counter – all mugs are in bright prints.

Limiter better things to do

Oh, those enticing glitters!

The result:a sporting interest is satisfied. The miracle has not happened. The pen was awful, the lipstick is pretty mediocre, even the mass market is now churning out these matte products that downloaded. The topper is the usual lip gloss with glitter, especially this is not my favorite.

Now I can sleep peacefully, knowing that by not buying the products from bad, I did not miss anything important and unusually, unusually large)

Price: £29 for Kaltblut

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