Cool color ink and the brush is super. Now I want other colors

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Hello! I love colored mascara

The range includes more brown ink, blue and a very beautiful light turquoise color, which is perfect for fashion images. He is brightening the lashes. But as I was looking for something bright, but for everyday use, then settled on purple. Moreover, it goes well with brown eyes.

For me mascara has 2 main points that I primarily pay attention to: brush and shade. As for brushes, it’s one of the best options: wide with a huge number of silicone-lint, the tip narrowed. Due to what easily stained the corner of his eye. The brush is not prickly, has a bit of the product and does not form lumps.

The result, as I wrote above, I like purple with a slight metallic effect. And on the eyelashes mascara gives a beautiful glossy finish.

Just want to tell you that if you want a luxurious volume and lengthening, it’s not the mascara. To me personally it gives a nice lengthening, but no volume. But need it was not for this, so my score 5 points.

During the day the ink behaves well, does not crumble and is not imprinted.

I’m happy with the purchase and will definitely buy more and vypilivaya pale turquoise. Do you like colored mascara?

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