Cosmetic Research Lab has developed a new substance for the treatment of acne

Cosmetic Research Lab has filed a patent application for a tool Prebiotic Activ Technology, developed for the treatment of acne. According to the company, the product based on new technologies in 30 seconds kills 99.9% of bacteria that cause acne. Prebiotic Activ Technology is currently available in the brands DermOne Skincare and SkinSanity.

Plant-based Prebiotic Activ, consisting of British organic black currant and pine needles of the European wild pine, which are sources of natural salicylic acid, helps the growth of protective bacteria on the skin and eliminates unwanted bacteria. It helps to balance the microbiome, allowing you to get rid of spots and give the skin a more healthy appearance.

According to the manufacturer, in the product does not contain chemicals found in traditional products to treat acne, for example, benzoylperoxide that kills harmful and useful skin microorganisms. In addition, a waiver of such substances prevents aging of the skin.

Studies have shown that consumers funds, which include benzoylperoxide can get old fast. This chemical contains free radicals that can damage cells, making the skin weaker and more vulnerable. By eliminating the cause of such processes, the technology of Prebiotic Activ protects the skin from the aging process.

More and more people are using Prebiotic Activ Technology compared to traditional benzoylperoxide products, reported healthier skin and better control over the rash after just one application. After 28 days of treatment, patients also reported a decrease in the length and depth of wrinkles, improving complexion and improving overall skin.

This innovative discovery was made in British research laboratories Cosmetic Research Lab, which, in fact, similar to large greenhouses, after testing nearly 300 different plants and the interaction between them. The developers noted effective results, mixing the usual British extract black currant extract of pine needles of the European.

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Prebiotic Activ Technology ™ is the first clinically studied, patented, which helps to improve the microflora of the skin and thus keep it natural invisible barrier healthy.

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