Cosmetics containing aluminum, secure


Cosmetics containing aluminum, safe to use, according to European experts. The results of the study confirmed the safety of the presence of aluminium in the composition of cosmetic products, destroying another myth, as in the case of parabens.

The use of aluminium in antiperspirants, toothpastes and lipsticks at concentrations corresponding to the limits of the European regulations, is safe to human health, according to the preliminary opinion adopted by the Scientific Committee on consumer safety of the European Union (CSSC).

Aluminium is a known systemic toxicant at high doses. Therefore, the safety of its use in cosmetics, especially in antiperspirants, has been the subject of much controversy and alarm messages in the media. Indeed, some studies have shown that cosmetics can be a more powerful source of negative influence (the manifestation of allergic reactions, intoxication), rather than certain foods.

CSSC, the Committee uniting seventeen independent experts in the field of chemistry and toxicology, in 2014 stated that the available scientific data are insufficient to accurately assess the amount of aluminum absorbed by the body when using cosmetics. But over the last five years was carried out further research.

Based on the latest available data, the CSSC now States that daily use of cosmetic products is not a significant source of exposure to aluminum on the human body. Indeed, according to the Committee, aluminium is practically not absorbed by the skin including freshly shaved skin, and does not accumulate in the skin.

The French Federation of the companies of beauty companies (FEBEA) explains that by considering all possible paths of absorption of substances (oral, dermal and respiratory) related to cosmetic products, including antiperspirants, the calculated margin of safety is always greater than 2000 units. “This means that the amount of aluminium that is exposed to consumers when using cosmetic products, at least 2000 times below the dose that is defined as such that does not cause Toxicological effects.”

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