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Cristmas ideas


Before new year’s eve only a few days left, and the soul asks shining makeup shimmer, glitter and all that)) So today I’ll show two completely different palettes that I have been associated with this earlier period.

Limitka Sleek Dream a Little Dream

Incredibly beautiful and tender both outside and inside. Exactly until, until I started to actively use her β€” in fact she was a complete disappointment for me ???? But everything in order…

Net weight: 9.6 g

Manufacturer: Sleek Makeup UK

Country of origin: China

Price: about 1000 rubles without discounts, I got it for 650 rubles.

It offers toppers, all shadows satin or himernye shining. Almost all have a translucent base, and require a “support group” β€” the basic palette for geometric constructions.

Traditional Sleek names Reily, unfortunately, have not, I will show You all in order πŸ™‚

Swatch taken indoors in daylight.

First row:

1 β€” Pink prismatic, semi-transparent, use in the inner corner of the eye.

2 Purple satin.

3 β€” a Glowing shade of champagne.

4 β€” Smoky grey, satin. Quite well pigmented and obedient.

5 β€” pale pink satin.

6 β€” a Rather saturated purple-plum with silver shimmer. Beautiful, but much flaking when applied, not sequins, namely the base itself β€” to remove a plum crazy from under the eye then pretty hard((

Second row:

This trio are my favorites! In principle, for the sake of them it is possible to buy a budget palette))

7 β€” deep blue, very beautiful and noble. In refile visible green sequins, but century, they disappear somewhere.

8 β€” the bright blue glitter on transparent base, with pink and green tints. The most unusual and beautiful shade, creates a magnificent effect “Northern lights”

9 β€” Cold green satin, is also translucent. Very nice on the dark substrate is disclosed.

10 β€” Silver metallic, very pigmented and bright.Creates on a movable century the effect of liquid metal or foil β€” like and beautiful, but I very much like the makeup of the 2000s)) a Sort of school disco)

11 β€” Purple satin.

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12 β€” Bright, translucent silver satin.

All satin shades here have a very noticeable indelicate silvery glow. And unfortunately, this expression of “silver” makes them all exactly the same for centuries β€” to tell where the purple where the pink and yellow β€” quite impossible. And it’s probably my main complaint β€” why you need a palette, in which 6 of the 12 shades of the same?

The texture is very dry, especially strongly felt after the buttery foil shades from the Chinese charts Imagic and Focallure.

Shadow is bad, get the brush and finger and much crumble when applying. In glitter the result is absolutely everything a person ???? the Only tools that more or less decently it turns out to work with this palette β€” Real Techniques brush for loose shadows and pigments, they pretty well carry these dry satin and shimmer.

Makeup options

I like to combine Dream a Little Dream with my favorite from Sleek cold and very delicate palette of the Nordic Skies. But again, it turned out that Nordic Skies, and Dream a Little Dream requires “dances with a tambourine”.

#1 Used one of the many silver satinov, and the original shade is impossible to understand β€” all 6 look about right.

#2 this is a photo of just you can see how shadows fall off when applying:

#3 Blue prismatic

With flashand Artificial lighting

#4 Green and the first in a palette of pink prismatic

#5 Dark blue and gray satin in the feather

#6 metallic Silver “from 2000s”

Durability and the contour

Without the base shadow roll for a couple of hours, with the base pretty well-kept all day.

Shimmer wash off is quite difficult β€” even after washing the foam I have left the impression that the entire face in glitter.


My impressions

  • I loved the 3 shades from the palette. And they probably already pay 650 rubles that I spent on it. But to buy a palette knowing that it 6 visually similar shades, I would not.
  • The texture is dry, when applying the shadow much crumble.
  • The palette is not self-sufficient, for a full makeover and need more basic shades. Dream a Little Dream is the top cover that allows you to transform and embellish the everyday makeup.
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Full price: about 1000 rubles

My rating: 3. You can definitely buy for the money or even cheaper something better and easy to use. For example, the palette, which I will show below ????

Monroe Walk from Ucanbe

I must say, it is a replica Gemstone Obsessions Palette from the Chinese manufacturer. But the design and name are different, and the colors do not exactly reproduce the range of Huda.

Despite the fact that creation Ucanbe always secondary, the quality I not for the first time happy, and Monroe Walk for me was very nice and super budget find!

Cardboard box, quite compact with a size of 10×10 cm β€” may take a seat in the purse) Inside has a small mirror, soul school 9 1.6 g. Tools for applying there, but I put these shadows exclusively with my fingers ????

Net weight: 9 x 1.6 g

Manufacturer: Ucanbe

Country of origin: China

Cost: 300 rubles without discounts, I got for 260 rubles.

The shades and Texture

This palette is also “ukrselena” β€” the basic colors is not here, only satin and simmeria. 8 of the 9 contain small sequins, duochrome and Shine. Glad I have a varied palette, and the dominance of purple over about overexposed Reds. But this is more praise to the original Lean)

Unlike the previous palettes, they’re all shades are well pigmented and rich, have an opaque base, and most importantly β€” there is not silver radiance, and color. That allows shades to look individually and not merge into a shining mess.

So, Swatch. First row:

1 β€” Purple with a pink glow.

2 β€” is a soft, silvery-light green-pink prismatic.

3 β€” Blue purple base.

Second row:

4 β€” Translucent purple-pink on a dark purple base reveals.

5 β€” Pink to brown or even brick base. Depending on the lighting reveals different.

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6 β€” Copper satin, no sequins are distinguishable.

Third row:

5 β€” Copper-red with red sparkles.

6 β€” Lavender-pink prismatic.

7 β€” a Rich green with silver and green sequins. I have been associated with needles and Christmas tree)

Texture, though not quite “oily”, but is soft and does not dry. Grind very fine, the shimmer is noticeable, but not too big and fairly delicate.

Sequins do not fall off or in the process of applying, or after, doing great on the base to make-up remover.

Makeup options

Monroe Walk works well in tandem with other palettes, I often complement the makeup base 004 Gosh 9 Shades To Be Cool in Copenhagen.

# 1 Pink from the second row on a dark base.

#2 Prismatic from the first row solo arrow.

#3 is The first lilac in the corner β€” pink.

#4 Shining red in the inner corner, pink in the bottom row, on the lower eyelid and the arrow is green.

#5 Blue on the lower eyelid and mucous membranes. On the upper eyelid Dream a Little Dream

Durability and the contour

Without the base the shade may survive 4-6 hours. With base vitality until perfect make-up remover. For my oily eyelids such resilience is a very pretty figure.

Easily erased with a micellar water or a hydrophilic oil, glitter on the face after washing remains.


My impressions

  • I liked the soft, plastic texture and a fine grind. Shimmer not rough or large, the substrate does not fall off.
  • Pleases a variety of shades, the diversity and otherness of each other.
  • The only moot point, in my opinion, is the application of a finger is not always appropriate and convenient. But sometimes much easier)

I think in this case, quality clearly exceeds the cost. At least I’m satisfied with this little one at 100% ????

My rating: 5 of 5.

Thank you for your attention!

And what textures You prefer in the winter? Do You have Pets in the holidays?

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