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I recently visited Iceland and an unforgettable experience brought the Icelandic cosmetics: and without it? Dr. Bragi, Soley, Skyn Iceland, Purity Herbs… So I’m going to share with you impressions. Well, I’ll start with the two creams for the hands and feet Saga Iceland.

They went in the set that attracted me in the first place design and relatively low — compared to other brands, and Icelandic prices for the whole price. I just took the famous Icelandic sweater and decided to try this couple.

Hand cream with extract tsetrarii Icelandic Saga Iceland Hand Cream With Iceldand Moss Extract

The cream is white, thick in texture, with a light flavor. But my dehydrated skin does not fit: turned out to be weak. Plus it is very unpleasant to feel a glycerin film on the hands for 15 minutes. Absorbs really quickly, as promised, but moisture, and even more power I received. Yes, cleaned up a little tightness, but I had a desire for something to spread on hands. Any comfort out of the question.

So after two weeks of using it migrated to the legs — they still endure:)

There is a cream has shown himself so a solid C student. Well, on my feet I have normal skin, so if he’d failed, it just would fly in the trash.

Foot cream with extracts tsetrarii Icelandic Saga Iceland Foot Cream With Iceland Moss Extract

was better, lighter in texture and less glycerine or something, but more nutritious. No wonder: after all, in the second place the almond oil, unlike hand cream. Although fives him away. It also absorbs quickly, softens the skin, moisturizes. Not sticky, however, as the hand cream. It is therefore not surprising that I decided to try it there. And I liked him much more than his brother.

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So now the only way I use them — on the contrary.

Overall, this is a very weak product for oily, dry or dehydrated skin.

The manufacturer describes the texture as “silk” and promises that the extract tsetrarii Icelandic (moss, simply put) can restore your skin and give it a well-groomed appearance. Unfortunately, nothing that I have not felt, so buying products not recommend. But the rocks and mountains, covered with this moss, worth to see!

Set price: 16 Euro

Testing period: 4 weeks

Rating: 3

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