Cosmetics with marine collagen again is becoming a trend in the industry


The researchers argue that the collagen derived from marine organisms, continues to attract considerable attention from scholars, considering its stable and universal properties. However, interest in the ingredient is shown not only by representatives of the cosmetics industry.

In the journal Materials Science and Engineering: C, researchers from the University of Salento, Italy, published a review of marine collagen and its derivatives, considering the bioactive properties and using these ingredients, comparing potential with collagen derived from mammals, and examining areas for upcoming research.

According to the researchers, widely used as a cosmetic ingredient for recovery and the appearance of the skin, marine collagen, expected to be the ingredient with the largest sales figures in the global market of collagen by 2023 the level of its sales will reach 897,5 million dollars, according to a report by Markets And Markets. However, a large share of the market growth will be driven by a growing demand on marine collagen and its derivatives in the fields of health and dietary supplements.

For many years studies have linked marine collagen with many properties such as the ability to enhance cell proliferation, renewal and the healing of wounds, relieve inflammation, promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals; the suppression of bacterial growth, antioxidant action and the ability to manage weight and symptoms of type II diabetes.

Marine collagen is not less in demand in the cosmetic industry, which, according to the researchers, have long been popular ingredients with potent antioxidant properties to prevent aging, and in recent years has increased the number of evidence of the effectiveness of marine collagen. This substance as a “boost of hydration and elasticity of the skin, can reduce wrinkles and restore elastic fiber” has been studied in several studies.

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Later, researchers cosmetics drew attention to the effects of marine collagen peptides on skin health. The researchers said that in one clinical trial studied the effect of marine food additives on appearance of human skin using two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies in people 30-60 years old. The result shows that the introduction of marine collagen peptides in formulations for daily use helps improve skin hydration, elasticity and density, to eliminate the formation of wrinkles.

Marine collagen is also superior to a collagen derived from mammals, due to the higher speed of absorption and bioavailability. In addition, he is “less of a threat of vector-borne diseases for people” and is also free from the ethical and religious issues.

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