Courteney Cox explained why he stopped stabbing fillers: “I didn’t like him”

Courteney Cox

After Yolanda Hadid, 55-year-old mother of models Gigi and Bella, who refused fillers, Botox and silicone, 54-year-old Courteney Cox recently also admitted that he stopped doing the “beauty shots”. According to her, one day she received a comment from their friends that caused her to ponder that in this matter she went too far.

I would say that it is a common thing, especially in Hollywood. We all face aging. You have to accept the fact that getting older, and that it was hard for me to do

— the actress confessed in an interview with People.

Then Courtney explained why the start of injection. She replied that she didn’t like his reflection in the mirror.

I tried to keep up with the times, with frequent trips to the beautician. The Hollywood lifestyle is that the idea to regularly do cosmetic procedures it seems completely normal. I didn’t realize it until then, until one day I looked at myself and realized that I had ceased to be like himself.

Now, almost two years after the rejection of fillers, coke again feels themselves:

So now I just accept the fact that you get older, rejoice that God has given me, and not trying to change your appearance. I think they are now at a stage in his life, when very easy to feel comfortable.

Courtney Cox is not the only actress in Hollywood who refused from the services of a plastic surgeon after a bad experience. Recently Melanie Griffith openly talked about his passion for Botox, and Kylie Jenner removed the gel from lips, but the truth, then he’s back on the fillers…

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