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In this post will tell you about my favorite lipstick is NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in Kiss the dust.

Actually, I’m not a fan of the brand NYX ???? .

Like she’s always in trend, it is often the first in all possible novelties of cosmetic fashion and quality are poor.

But there was a moment when I was looking for my perfect brown lipstick. Rummaged all corners, bought a bunch of different brands and all are not, then the resistance of the leads, the tone is a little not that. His eyes looked towards NYX and took a chance, well you never know.

I prefer matte lipsticks, so I looked closely to the line Full Throttle, datestyle shade Kiss the dust “check out” price and as the hamster grabbed and ran to the checkout.

At home, I realized that it was the one my only!

And so on the characteristics


Cheap and cheerful.

The case of the ordinary thin black plastic that is covered with a transparent protective film ( special thanks for this, because around the corner, NYX is constantly a crowd of schoolchildren and they poked and masukat everything that comes less open).

Snaps the purse doesn’t open.

By the way, in the lid there is a “window color” as it turned out, there is little chunky glitter in the same shade, but I don’t use it, just not my thing.


Thin with a faceted cut, the way is very convenient in application.

One lipstick “rod” rubs on the wall, the other no, I think as lucky.

When applied the lipstick is very creamy, glides on the lips perfectly, but I advise you to apply with a brush, lipstick lies evenly and air.

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Fragrances no ????.

Lip color overlaps with one movement.

To wear it’s perfect!!!

The lips are not dry at all and no feeling of her presence.

Freezes for a few moments and sits like nailed.

Believe me, I protestee it perfectly!

She is survived gatherings with a Burger and onion rings.

Never imprinted on the gloves of the dentist.

And most importantly – survived my ride on the wakeboard. Honestly, I forgot what makeup and went to the Park to learn new tricks, the surrounding looked askance, well, who else would come to beat face with lipstick ???? .

So you think I jumped, dived, fell, screamed and even cried with anger, Ter face gloves, skated all day, and lipstick wiped inside, but the loop in place and in perfect condition, it came out normal so fashionable gradient.

play with filters, that would be clearly visible gradient


In the shade and in the sun in a single layer/fewcaused from stick, close-up spares applied by brushwith gloss cap

the imprint on the hand

And overall image

The only negative – mad flow, just fading away.

And my personal negative – why is this tint in Bangkok anywhere and not have to load up on where to find.

Summary: best lipstick ever!!!

Price: 295 THB (601,65 RUB)

Rating: 5

With warmest regards, Alina

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