Cream highlighter Clarins Attrap Catch Light Lumiere Face Highlighter Stick. Spring limited edition collection 2018

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Good day!

Already autumn came, and I still can’t get the spring limitname… Well, as they say, #choosedate. Brands used to produce in one season several limited collections of unrelated. I managed to trample both the spring collections of Clarins. From one I bought a plum lip balm, from the second collection “White Flowers” took Jasmine body balm and the hero of this post, a cream highlighter in stick. Though the collection is very beautiful and wrote little about it, so I hope this post is useful and welcome to under the cat.

By the way I thought to get and even lip balm in a tube from this collection, but somehow it happened that I got at some discount, and the price of balm and a highlighter is not very different, and I decided that the balm will be back and never came back yet. If someone bought and uses it, tell me, how many I lost?

Well, I would like to mention that hilateral my soul is very careful, I would say with caution. Over time it turned out that I love cream military in the sticks, I’m comfortable to use them and they are more noticeable on the face and it’s easier for me to understand where went product how well feathered border and where to add or Vice versa mute it glow. So seeing promo pics of this collection pink cream highlighter in stick, I thought that my small collection is updated and replenished.

The highlighter is sold in a cute little box with a pattern of white flowers running through the entire collection. Shade only — Rosy Glow. The amount of 6 grams. Aroma of sweet highlighter himonya. Not nasty, but not so hot enjoyable.

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Will make the whole to understand. I understand nothing, but maybe someone needs it.

I love it when the packaging is well thought out. Here such hiliterow the stick always want to see this plastic cover that protects the stick from dust, and the cover from contamination.

photo outside in daylight

In the photo the stick is unscrewed fully. As you can see, the product is enough. And the highlighter is not so much pink, how much beige, pink, coral and salmon notes. This is an interesting shade.

As seen on Swatch made by day outside the highlighter is very not exactly pieces. I use it for about five months, and I assure you, the situation is not improving, because in the beginning I thought it “painted”.

Top left highlighter in one layer, bottom right with three layers. Conclusion layering this product very carefully, in order to avoid such a ugly effect. Without layering it is just a cold glare, with overlaying becomes visible pinkish undertone.

A couple of words about my system application. To begin with, what concealer I wear very rarely. (Very rarely a few times a year). And sometimes you want a highlighter. This particular stick is called smooth I can’t. First I apply one thick layer straight from the stick. Try to shade it useless. It is very thick and like rubber. I finger will pass over the entire area of application. He begins to slide with the skin so I exfoliate redundant. Then I pick up highlighter on your finger and begin to feather border Pat and then polishing movements. But we must pay tribute, after all these manipulations it is up to me to make-up remover.

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1649 rubles without discounts


3, it can be used, but it is necessary to find an approach to dance dances with a tambourine

Conclusion if you are ready to difficulties, if you tamed not one problem tool if you are a beginner in makeup, if you are a collector, it is possible to buy this highlighter, in other cases, I would think twice.

I hope you benefit and interest spent these few minutes reading. I really value your attention, thank you for it!

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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