Cream highlighter natural glow All in one, Eveline. Yes, but no

Shimmers / highlighters I have not so many – only three. Prefer ones that give a soft subtle glow that looks as natural as possible. I use them rarely, only when the soul asks holiday or need to refresh an image.

All in one is a new Polish brand of cosmetics Eveline Cosmetics. Available in two shades – Light and Gold. At my disposal was a bright Light.

A light creamy highlighter gives skin a natural glow, radiance and freshness.
Contains light reflecting particles which give a shimmering effect and hide minor imperfections.


The bottle is glass instead of the dispenser is a small synthetic brush built into the lid. The neck is quite wide and almost dirty from the outside.

Brush curve and some hairs sticking out haphazardly, but with a feature set sresta she copes.

The texture of the highlighter is reminiscent of a mousse, no stickiness, and viscosity. It’s very light, non-SAG, put on the skin drop not going anywhere.

A shade of Light can be described as a beige pink. Clear purple iridescence, I do not see. Shimmer is very fine, when you blend it turns into a soft and luminous veil.

The tone with beige undertone looks like a foreign white glare. Best of all is sitting on a pinkish and neutral basics. Highlighter in my tone clearly designed for girls with a light and very fair skin.

Applied with a brush. Natural light

To show in the photo, I deliberately put it generously, as the glitter is faint in my application.

Highlighter very quickly grasped with a base, to delay the feathering is impossible. Fingers to do it I did not like – can be lubricated tone. I got used to spread it with a brush hammered movements and light shading on the edges to enter into the skin

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Under direct sun rays at sunsetNatural light in the morning. Highlighter applied on the Base Full HD, gloss and finishing powder “Escape papaya” Crystal decor

The skin does not freeze, keeping removesthe. If you accidentally touch the site of application may appear hole – land with highlighter would be blurred together with the tone and bare naked skin.

Can’t say that some sequin not, on close examining of the skin visible these individual sparks, but in General they are not highlighted.

With the distance of the extended hand looks like a diffused glow, the closer it becomes clear that on the skin eye-catching cosmetic.

Durability depends on the base, but not less than two hours. The average is four, then its creamy base seemed to evaporate and there are still some sparkling particles that look like small flakes if you increase.

In General, a student can not name him,- resistance is clearly not a strong point All in one. Perhaps it’s inherent creamy texture, but I do not compare with it. The shade of love and it definitely suited my skin. But I didn’t have enough “slivochnoe” inherent in my pressed specimens.

Price: 300 p

Rating: 4-

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