Cream shadow by Giorgio Armani 9 Cold Copper, Rose Ashes 11, 22 Spice Smoke, 27 Sunset

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Armani Eye Tint is truly a cult product among the cream shadows and I would like to show You my small collection.

Cream shadow is packaged in a slim plastic tube, close the lid until it clicks. On the packaging logo. The volume is 6.5 ml.

Inside there is a sponge. He’s fluffy, slightly tilted, it is convenient to apply the product. Minus packing — narrow neck, which instantly stained.


The creamy texture of the shadows is a whipped mousse, which after application dries out and becomes powdery. They can be worn solo or used as a substrate. Great hold all day without slipping, make friends with dry shadows. In General, to cope with them any where wouldn’t bear arms. Smudge them with your finger (handy for light shades) or brush (tusuy tassels shade 22 Spice Smoke).

Himernye shades of 9.11, 27 have a shiny metal finish, very easy to feather. And matte finish 22 Spice Smoke gives a very soft silky finish.

Fragrances do not have.

Of the minuses — it is short term use, about 9 months. Further, the product can decay into the liquid phase and mousse. But still, I use at your own risk after the deadline

Go through the hints:

9 Gold Copper — gold tint with a silver sheen. In my opinion the most versatile. And my favorite. Familiarity with Eye Tint began with this shade, this is my 5th tube. In principle, 90% of my day makeup is exactly what it is. Has a noble shining finish.

Swatch on hand

It is enough to apply it and darken the crease and my daily makeup is ready.

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11 Rose Ashes — for some reason this shade is not so rosy. initially it has a thinner consistency than its counterparts. Very beautiful packaging and very modest makeup.

The tone is difficult to convey through the photo, it is multi-faceted gold with pink shimmer, Blendable in a thin veil. When applying plesivec and rolls, it was with the purchase and further use, you chalk it up to a defective copy.

22 Spice Smoke is a MATTE shade, I did it on the eyelid shining ????, because done before siasa powder on the lid, please note. Color brown, the feathering is reddish — brick, easily Blendable, despite the matte texture. Perfect for Smokey.

27 Sunset — the tint of the limited cruise collection, pink shimmery shade put me in a stupor. Quite complicated as it seemed in the beginning, the specific pink color. In fact it turned out great in mono makeup (I just paint over the space brighter migracyjne brown pencil) looks great with bright lipstick.

Make full way to this shade

In my opinion, the formula from Armani shade is just a godsend, they are easy to use, quickly become flustered even a finger, which is very convenient for a quick morning makeup, have a beautiful finish and great durability.

Of the minuses of course the price — about 2500 rubles. And a short shelf life. But analogues to this texture, I have not seen

What are your favorite cream eyeshadows?

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