Cream shadow Hourglass Scattered light glitter eyeshadow in the shade Blaze

In General, as you understand, I love cream shadow. They are easy to apply with your finger to shade and get a cool result.

Plastic jar, with a volume of 3.5 g Packed in a box, inside the instruction. Made in Korea. Sponge and brushes is not provided, the manufacturer recommend applying these shadows with the fingertips, gradually increasing the intensity.

Provided inside the plug, better to use it constantly, in order to avoid drying of the shadows.

With a touch of course, I missed a little bit, but in the summer with a tan they are very approx.

Blaze — orange-peach shade with fine glitter. Very soft, easily typed on a finger and transferred to the eyelid, enough, just, to podesavati border with a fluffy brush. Can be applied solo or as an accent.

Day ouestionnaire dense layer. Electric light

Under bright sunshine or electric light glitter shimmers nicely and hold quite nothing. By the end of the day without fixing a little roll in the century, but it is not a problem.

Lighting daylight+ring lamp

A small amount is fine for daytime makeup. Nothing to complain about, the color chose itself)

Lighting: daylight+ring lamp

Rating: 5

Price: £ 26.

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